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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

1 year progress

Ive been kindda worried little Habib's developements lately.

For starters, Ive noticed that he's growing much more active and harder to handle outside.

On a Good day at the mosque, he can sit and play with his toys and the kids around him and enjoy the outing.

On a Bad day like that day at Pilot Abdul Kadir's house while listening to talk by Habib Salim at Masjid Abdul Razak, he refused to sit and play with sis Hidayah or mami Bibah or the other Ummi's there. He wanted to be carried and me, the tired Ummi who was trying to get some Ilmu was made to carry him around the house in order for him to quietened down his crankyness.
And people around me looked as if they've never seen a cranky baby before.
In the end, I passed him over to Hubby who carried him all the way in the masjid.

And then, there is the headbanging act that he likes to do and he will laugh and gain pleasure from doing it. He headbangs on doors, walls and my forehead.
But he will stop when it gets to painful. I found out that the way to stop this
is 1 ) ignoring that he is doing it and
2)quickly distract his attention to another thing and I did just that , and it seems to be working.
Initially, we all laugh and found it cute that he headbangs.

He's also not interested when I try and read books to him. All he wants is to close open close open the book. Its like a game and it fascinates him. All he wants is to play play and more play.

Im really clueless by little Habibs actions and Im wondering if he's behaviour lately are normal. I tried to read in the web informations on toddler behaviour and truthfully, reading information on the web only makes me scared because words like ( too scared to say ) will appear.

Luckily I have Ummu Mukhtaar who is a mother of 2, former childcare teacher and very much an educator. She's been feeding me with lots of useful information and I amazed at how she is not at all stingy with information. She even sms me to try some methods on Little Habib and she says if it does not work, tell her and she will analyse the situation for me. Wow ! Like what I sms her this morning, banyak pahala u gain because tak lokek dengan ilmu.

And I do have Mummy Fuzzywuzzy with her son Anas, who sometimes, can give me assurance and support on child care but Anas is quite well behave, so its no use comparing with her son.

Masyallah.. its good to have such friends.

Little Habib have also started eating porridge with blended carrots, potatoes and spinach. Dr Bal told us that Little Habib seems to lack in iron cos he's face is a little pale.

Well, He can walk now and wanting very much to run before he will just tumble because he's balance is not too good yet. And his 2 front teeth are growing and that day he bit hubby's hands until it bleed abit.

Actually what I hope is for him to be healthy , smart and pious. Something like Ahmad the Dentist. Insyallah. As a mother to him, my doa for him is the most makbul. so I will never stop making doa for my son. Insyallah.


Ummu Mukhtaar said...

Salaam Ummi,
Just keep the 2 points as the basis for you to tackle any unwanted behaviour in Little Habib for the time being i.e. head bang and biting though it is due to teething.

Ihsan said...

So, if I ever get married and have children, I can look for you, eh? By then u hvae all the experience...

Ummi's BLOG said...

Ummu Mukhtaar, yes, im using the 2points ardently now.

Yes Ihsan, if u get married and get pregnant, I will be the first one to encourage you to breastfeed.. hehe... Mothers milk is the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear..
actually based on my my own experience, it is quite normal esp with the first child as he/she is doted by everyone and pple normally give in to them. My princess, cute as she may be can get on my nerves quite often too as she can be quite difficult when she wants to be. One eg is that she used to listen to mine and hub's instructions and now she only listens when she wants to..a lot of the times its always what she wants and how she wants it to be and she can be so cheeky but at the same time smart cheekiness that it is quite hard to scold her and i fine myself smiling instead, so not too good in that sense.heh. But, I believe our children are just experimenting with things and also testing water at times.. i have been meaning to give her a time out or stand in a corner kind of position macam the Nannny but i havent tried it yet..will be doing that next. My mum believes that talking to her and explaining things to her gently will help. Somehow it works for my mum but not for me cos maybe i have a quick temper hehe..likewise, my hub also do not believe in corporal punishment and do not allow me to buy the rotan but my children are usually quite ok with him maybe because he is seen as the fun guy and they dont want to ruin the moments by making him mad for when my hub gets angry with Auni..and it can just be a glare, she will quickly on the spot do whatever she is suppose to do and quiet down but again not with me *sigh*.. ( dgn i dia tak habis2 nenen je hehe ) Niwei, my point being i think kids are very smart..they know how to handle us, adults but we have to figure out how to handle them. Different methods work well for different people..so dun worry, like you, im still grappling with the best methods on how to handle my bushuk gal esp when she is throwing a temper.. and i guess they also know that kita bising macam mana pun, we will be very soft with them in the end.. hehe so dun worri k darling... nanti kita kongsi2 methods on how to 'tame' them hehe

-luv id-