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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore

Alhamdullilah, Its now Wednesday.

I feel quite 'liberated' knowing that tomorrow, I will get to spend time with my little Habib. I hope to visit maqam Habib Nuh and also attend a house warming invite tomorrow.

Monday went by OK. Tuesday was Alhamdullilah, quite smooth with manageable problems.
I pray today will go by smoothly. My senior is on leave and will be back next week.

I do feel OK going to work now, its just that Monday gives me the "im scared to go to work" syndrome which I hope I will overcome in times to come when Im more familiar with the work here.

Ive been zikiring "ya Latiff" sooo much , that now unknowingly, my tongue will zikir "ya Latiff". Its amazing.

I do thank all those who cared for me and doa for me. Really, its means alot to know that I have so much support around me. My friends who SMSed me and tell me that they keep me in their prayers. Most importantly my parents who worries so much for me that they continuously make doa for me. Parents knows us the best dont they, even more than my hubby.

I know that my problems compared to many other people are just considered small but when I face it, and being me, the so called "MAK LEMBEK" of the family, its really a big deal to me. Anyway, I believe in trying my best, ikhtiar and doa for Allah's help in every matter. But sometimes, my tears just flow cos of the scared feeling and crying does make me feel better.

Now that Im feeling better, I just need to know how to deal with STRESS and how to overcome it. This job of mine is REALLY stressful because its also based on individual performance but thankfully, the pay makes up for it. It would have been worse if I feel this stress and yet the pay is not worth it.

Tomorrow is National Day. Feeling Patriotic ? I sometimes do feel proud to be a Singaporean, but have never made it to any National Day celebration at the stadium maybe cos I never bother to try and get the tickets.

Ustaz says that its OK to be involve in the celebration , watch the National Day Parade and sing along - as long as it does not affect our solat. We cannot qadak prayers or jamak prayers for the National Day Celebration.
Hmm.. Now im thinking how will the fellow Muslims who go to the NDP at Marina pray during Magrib ? I hope they make an effort to find a space to perform Magrib prayers.

Ustaz says Islam teaches us to love our country. Rasullulah (s.a.w) loved Mecca so much. He said to kota Mecca, "sesungguhnya aku cinta pada mu oh Kota Mecca dan kalau tidak penghuni mu yang menghalau ku , nescaya tidak akan aku berhijarah daripada mu. "

Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore. May Allah bless you to be a country filled with peace, prosperity, away from disasters and major illness and may you breed more of people with strong Iman, good Akhlaq and good knowledge.

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