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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I feel blessed today...
Im grateful for all the things that Im given
and no, I dont feel scared at all ....

I guess, reading Asma-UlHusna is really powerful.

I went to class this morning and received alot of Ilmu in menghalusi solat. Masya'allah my Ustaz is really knowledgeble. My heart soften as I looked at hubby sitting in front. Thats what Ilmu does to u. Its the medicine for the restless heart.

Life is really wonderful, even amidst the scary times, there is a reason to it.
One thing I have to say is Little Habib is so much closer to me now. Not so when I was working at my other job. Even when this job is making me much busier but still Little Habib is closer to me meaning, there's more blessings.

Yes, Allah (swt) is mysterious and he works mysteriously. I hated the fact that I took this job but slowly, I can see the blessings.

Im not going to throw the towel in yet. Im gonna stick around for awhile. Im going to prove myself , yes mua self, the "Mak Lembek " that I can do it, with much patience and less complaining.

I'll try.


Anonymous said...

I quote this from a book on Asma-ul-Husna that has guided me through this years.. Hope it helps

He who opens the solutions to all problems and eliminates obstacles

The heart of him who repeats this Name will be open and he will be given vitory

He who has wisdom in all orders and actions

He who repeats his Name continuously [from time to time] will not have difficulties in his work

He who is the guide, with wisdom, to the right path according to His eternal plan

He who repeats this Name 1000 times between early evening prayer (Maghrib) and night prayer (Isyak), his troubles will be cleared up.

May Allah give you his Guidance, insyallah

Anonymous said...

My mode of bolstering your spirit is a bit less spiritual, but I hope you'd take heart in it all the same :)


Cos whenever I face something scary, I'll try to smile sweetly and whisper, "Do your worst, for I will do mine." ;)

~Ummu Nabil

Ummi's BLOG said...

To anonymous.. thanks for sharing with me. I will try to zikir these.

Hi Ummu Nabil, okie.. I'll take a look at it later. thks. : )

nor said...

salaam pretty Ummi,

can i know where is your class of menghalusi sholat and which day izzit ?

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salams Sis Nor..
Its every sunday morning at masjid Mydin 10-11.30am by Ustaz Suhaimi Fauzi ( Imam Masjid Al-Istigfar ).. but we have just ended the bab and now moving on to Bab Puasa as nearing Ramadhan.

yesterday he ended the bab with explaining abt Doa Qunoot and Sujud sahwi. really learnt alot.

nor said...

salaam sis,
and where is tis masjid mydin..?
anyway, thanks for the info :)

Ummi's BLOG said...

oops sori thought u knew.. hehe.
Kembangan Jalan Masjid I think.. one of the lanes in the estate.. v nice mosque, renovated and all.

near masjid kassim also..
but tis sunday ( if yr thinking of going ) no class as my Ustaz will be at Al-Azhar taking his exams..

its a public class, anyone can come and listen..

nor said...

ok, sis, thanks...