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Sunday, August 12, 2007

***** Weekend Buzz *******

Hey little Baby, Oh you really enjoy swimming in the inflated pool which Nek Uchu and Tok Uchu got you huh....enjoy it while u can.. : p

( yes he did.. splashing the waters till he shivered from the coldness... I mean he literally shivered, and then we knew it was time to get him out... :s)

Hmm.. maybe next time, I can invite the other baby boys for a pool party ? Baby Shahran, Baby Abdul Rahim, Baby Adam , Baby Nabil , Baby Solehan , Baby Ilhan , Toddler Anas and Toddler Mukhtaar, get ready yr bathing suit ? heee......
Its be so fun ! oh wait, with so many of u in there, it'll be so cramp ... : o

Now its time for you to be a Little Habib again..
''Jom Little Habib, we go to the mosque''..
and not any mosque but "Al-Masjid" u know...

Masjid Sultan that is.... Last night, it was his first time there..
He had fun running around the huge praying area.
And I got a chance to pray at the Muslimah praying area on the same level where the man prayed.. spacious and I dont have to climb the stairs...
and also, I checked out the new toilets.. Finally ! its not so 'Icky' anymore..
hopefully, the new toilets dont get worn off by the wear and tear so fast.

See how happy he is.. Of course, he's in Allah's house.. Ahh the berkat of bringing your child to the masjid... In one way or another, the blessings will be there.
We went to the fountain at Bugis later after Isyak prayers but too bad lah, the fountain had rested for the night..
I wanted Little Habib to see the fountain, Im sure he'd like it..
Next time ok sayang.


rheA said...

Poor lil Habib feeling cold...Hmm maybe u shd let him put on the boy's swimwear..u know the one with the zipper? That way he wont feel so cold

Ummi's BLOG said...

HMM good idea !! and now that he's 1yrs old, im sure I can get a size for that..
at the moment, he's only wearing a swimming trucks I bought at Mothercare...

Thanks Mummy Rhea !

Ihsan said...

He looks cute with songkok haji..suits him lah

Ummu Mukhtaar said...

Salaam ummi,

the swimwear that you may get for Little Habib is of size 2, the smallest, or mayb he can fit into size 3, depending.

ibu aisyah said...

lil habib is so cute in that pool. our lil one also loves playing in water. we have an inflatable pool just like that and we're contemplating to fill it up but we're just afraid aisyah won't get out of the water. hehehe.

Ummi's BLOG said...


Yar, we want to train him to wear the songkok, so each time we go to the masjids, I'll put on his songkok for him..so far, so gd..

Thanks Ummu Mukhtaar, I'll get one for him soon, maybe after raya...

Salaams Norza ! nice to know u although its just thru blogs... : )
Aisyah's a bright little girl.