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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Taking a back seat for awhile...

Its been a mid-scary week for me. Some crying here and there, intervening the laughter.
Work has been tough, but im slowly learning. S/L/O/W/L/Y.

Housework been back-logged cos I came home late a few times so didnt do any ironing, all pushed to today after Im home from work.
Have to finish them if I want to bring Little Habib out this weekend.
Hubby was making lots of plans for our weekend rendezvous and I looked at him thinking to myself this guy does not know housework exist ?
And to top it off, we have to wash the car. My baby Fit is dusty with water stains.

We went to watch the fireworks at Tanjong Rhu yesterday night. Very nice but I was more in awe of the condos there. If only I can own one of them. Pure luxury waterfront homes. Do you have to work really hard to earn one of them or do u have to be born lucky ?
I guess, at this point of time, with much uncertainty if I will eventually become a Stay-at-home Ummi, its better that I just stay contented with our cosy 4rm.

Bloggy, i wont be visiting you much for awhile. I wont be sharing much of my 'anxiety and misgivings' thoughts with you for the moment.. unless I have some frantic i-have-to-share-if-not-i-will-burst thoughts lah. Then I'll be here. Or if there's any Little-Habib-sooooo-cute pictures that I want to post.

This Ummi is taking a rest. concentrating on the spiritual side of her. We all should do the same , if time permits.

Its the Month of Sya'aban. Its time I sit and concentrate on the Holy Quran and its translations any free time that I have. Im aiming to katham a few surahs, namely AlBaqarah ( which is already a huge chuck in the bulk ) Al-Imran and An_Nisa. May we all be blessed to see Ramadhan and I'll reappear again soon after Syawal with more of my life's journeys as a mother and towards my journey to Ihsan.



Shopping QUEEN said...

Hey Ummi, I am looking forward to read ur blog again..

Hopefully in Ramadan u can blog about our tradition of exchanging foods. How nice if U can cook and share it wif me for buka puasa. Have u decide wat colour u wearing this yr? Hehe..

I really hope u can blog during the Syawal. Im sure Little Habib will be very handsome in his baju kurung and U will be very pretty sweet too..

Hmm, this yr Little Habib already have his legs to walk and who knows probably he can ask for duit raya too...Hehe..

And since u have ur Baby Fit now,it's rather easy for u now to jalan raya. And U make sure U come my house during raya eh! Hehe..

Ummi's BLOG said...

Hellow my dear shopping queen cousin,
and I bet u will be shopping for many nice and exclusive garb for ur raya wear ? hehe....

Insyallah, lets see if I have time to blog during Ramadhan and insyallah hopefully things will be easier for us this raya with the baby FIT to bring us to destinations of choice.

needless to say, ur hse will be one of our stops the first day okie. hehe..


Anonymous said...

i admire ur desires to achieve spirituality because in these hectic times, with time running out, we sometimes tend to forget the more important things in life, which is achieving more for the hereafter. thanks for the reminders. do update from time to time. i am still around at dreamgirlie.multiply.com u noe;)


Ummi's BLOG said...

hey nad, I was looking out for u at Id's daughter's bday party just now.

and I do visit yr multiply from time to time now to view Hasan's cute pics.


nor said...

i admire young ppl like u, (im old alrite..hehe)who never forget abt spiritual food-for-the soul despite yr hectic schedules.
this is a sincere compliment,u knw.

Nisfu Syaban is coming ..let's make dua'a and hopefully we are able to meet ramadhan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ummi!
How have you been? I met you at Auni's Bday party, u told me to drop by ur blog. R'ber me? Really nice knowing you although it was a rather short and abrupt one;)My son was restless so i could hardly settle and have a decent conversation wit you. Next time ya, Insyallah.

Anonymous said...


Allah wont ask you to do something which you are not capable to do. Be strong, things will be better soon


Anonymous said...

this message for id and ummi!
hasan met with a small accident on saturday night, resulting in him having mouthfuls of blood! i didnt sleep the whole night:( and the saddest part is, he bit through this tongue.
i have to apologise to id for not being able to attend the party;(, my hp kan rosak and i dun have ur number.
Hasan was feverish due to shock on sun and I was also very nervous about my observation on monday.
nevertheless, umi and id, shall we bring our babes out for a cuppa one of these days? let me know ok!
Idah, will make it up to u one of these days:(

Ummi's BLOG said...

nad, i hope Hasan is much better now and recovered from that scary ordeal..I wld be in a scary fit too if I were u.

abt the meet up.. hehe.. maybe after Ramadhan and all the raya stuff ? : )