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Monday, April 9, 2007

Visit to the Pead...

Little Habib visited the paediatrician for the first time this morning since we left ESH 8 mths ago.

We went to Kidzlink and met Dr LIM. I needed to get a specialist view on my baby before I can at least be at ease.

First, was the phlegm issue.
The DR gave him medicine for his phlegm and a syrup to open up his airways. The rashes on his soft tender skin was most probably due to the phlegm infection but DR Lim didnt want to start him on anti-biotic yet.

Little Habib have been sticky, clingy and most manja these few days as he's sick. MIL says '' budak nak bijak macam gitu.. ''
huh ?
Ok, maybe its one for the old people saying.

Next, we consulted the DR on the milk woes.

Thankfully, the DR has assured us that milk is just a commercialised drink. Little Habib can get his DHAs and HAs and Choline , Iron and Taurine all from food such as fish, tofu n eggs.
Cheese can only be given after 1 year of age, so is fresh milk ( which by the way Little Habib loves )...

Our findings when checking his weight and height is that he is growing steadily well. The chart in his health booklet shows that he is in the 50 percentile group of babies his age, so thats not too bad.
Apparently, some babies loves milk and dont want to eat semi-solids, while some babies like little Habib takes food but dont want milk. I have to just go with the flow and give him what he wants because getting worried over his milk woes is really beyond my control since Ive tried mostly all advise given.

Last Saturday, I tried to dilute his milk, put in only 1 scoop in 4 oz of water, and he drank.. goodness, eventhough theres just little milk in the water, at least, he drank it in... but the next day, he found out the trick n refused again.

Im quite drained...Ive just YET to try feeding him milk through a syringe in which I find completely depressing to try....

This is the time where I tawakkal to Allah whose most merciful and loving, and ask
for his guidance.

''Oh little boy of mine, y can you drink milk as easily as what you name means ? hee hee... just
somethings that makes me laugh when I think abt it..''

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