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Monday, April 9, 2007

Anniversary Weekend.

My weekend was spent at Royal Plaza on Scotts using their local weekend rate inclusive of breakfast. Quite attractive I suppose but whats more useful to me was their Halal Kitchen.

The hotel was so kind to present us with a complimentary fruit basket and a really chocolaty Tiramitsu cake when hubby told them that its our wedding anniversary in our booking email.

Amidst all the milk woes anxieties and Little Habib being sick with phlegm, I went ahead with our mini vacation upon the assurance of my mum.

Too mini I suppose, but its fun, never stayed in a Singapore hotel before...and it was booked in advance to celebrate our 2 years wedding anniversary.

The rest was much needed for this worried mind, the hotel breakfast was in luxury ( cant do it too often ) , and doing something different during the weekend was a good change. Last weekend, housework was furthest from my mind as the house was clean during Good Friday.

Most of all, Im thankful that after a year of laughter, tears, fears , happiness , irritation, adoration, lots of sharing , lots of conversations about our future, we made it to the second year...Alhamdullilah.

God willing, we will be soulmates in love, forever... Amin.

Little Habib enjoying the plush bed when he visited us...

view of our room...

Complimentary from the hotel.... : )


nor said...


happy anniversary ! happy blessed years ahead.

wahh..syioknye stay in the hotel. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! :D Semoga diberkatiNya rumahtangga awak berdua; semoga berkekalan jodoh hingga ke syurga; semoga dilidungiNya dari segala gejala dan orang2 yang merosakkan kerukunan hidup dan iman. Amin, amin!

We stayed at Royal Plaza once in the first year of our marriage :D Still masih bau2 pengantin baru and of course we enjooooooyed ourselves so much jalan2 at Orchard Road malam2 buta lepas tengok late movie :D Ah, to be newlyweds again! Hehe..

Anonymous said...

Lerrr.. that was me, Ummu Nabil in the previous comment. Fingers too fast again. Pffft..

Ihsan said...

U know...I actually nearly typed selamat pengantin baru bcoz of Ummu Nabil's comment. ANyway, happy anniversary...

and little habib looks really cute in the pix...macam ada halo gitu.

Ummi's BLOG said...

hee ihsan, the halo is the head light from above the bed.. hee..

Thanks all for yr doa..

ummu Nabil, its such a co-incidence that u wrote ''semoga dilidungiNya dari segala gejala dan orang2 yang merosakkan kerukunan hidup dan iman. Amin, amin!''
bcos just yesterday, there was a girl who said so many things to me to put much unhappiness in my marriage.. but hubby and me still hold strong to our faith.


Anonymous said...

Ummm.. that's one of the things I ask for when I doa after solat, so as much as I wish that for my family, I wish that too for my friends :)

Don't be too upset lah, dear. Anggap ajer orang tu pendek akal dan tak tahu cerita benar hidup rumahtangga you. *hugs*

~Ummu Nabil

MissyHid said...

Little Habib so relax, so cute...I wanna pinch his cheek...:P