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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Its Feeding milk again ! : )

Little Habib drinking milk again last night after a 2 months break.

This ummi is truly happy today, because Little Habib has re-started drinking milk in a bottle again ! Im smiling silly in my office today.

Thanks to our consultation with Dr Halina from Fitra Clinic in Bedok. She advised me and hubby to try this method. Strictly, No food after 5pm, just like what she does to her 9mth old son.

Actually this DR is my abang-sedara nya wife. And when I met her at my kakak sedara's house yesterday, and she was sitting beside us when we were eating, we decided to pour our milk woes to her.. with God's will, she is a pro at this issue, and she gave us many tips and encouragement.

Putting milk in Little Habib's semi solids is just not enough for him. Feeding him 3 semi solids meal a day is just too much. No wonder he is not drinking milk, because he is too full.

At 8 mths, he still needs alot of milk for his development. he may still be chubby now, but she said, once Little habib starts running around, the weight loss will be drastic as he doesn't get enough milk.

She also suspects that someone at home has been giving him sweet stuff, thats why he refuse to drink Formula milk which is actually tasteless. Hmmm , apa nak buat, as a FTWM, i cant be with him 24hrs right.

With that advise, I went to my mum, told her about this new rule ''NO FOOD AFTER 5PM, just MILK ''. Its something like a starving technique. When baby is hungry, he will take whatever you give him. This is basic Human Nature survival. Also i exaggerated abit that if Little habib tak minum susu, he will be abit slow etc.. hehehe..

My mum was all for this plan, as she really wants her grandson to be smart and healthy, but I faced some resistance from my dad who said that he cannot bear to see his grandchild being made to starve during his dinner time. But actually, I know he was ok with this method too. He just wanted to be the good one in Little habib's eyes and be protective.

And so yesterday, we went home and tried this technique. And Alhamdullilah, it worked! I really thank Allah for answering our prayers. Me and hubby have been making special doa for our little baby, for him to start liking milk again. Imagine he was without his milk in a bottle for a whole 2 months.

so, Little Habib drank at 7pm, then again at 10pm and this morning, he woke up cranky which is unusual. So amidst getting ready for work, I took him to the kitchen, put him on the cabinet while I made milk for him, just 90ml because I wasnt sure if he would drink or not. When the milk was ready, he grabbed the bottle and put it to his mouth.... Ohhh... i was soo happy, should have made more lah.

and My mum just called me. She had put Rusk biscuits in Little habibs Bottle and made the hole in the teat a little bigger and tried giving him from the bottle and he guzzle all of it.

I guess, the phase of pushing away MILK is finally over ? Insyallah....


Ihsan said...

Congratulations! That is great news. You just need to ask those who know. Heh. May Little Habib grow up strong, healthy and intelligent.

rheA said...

hmm..be a lil careful if you put solids into the bottle, he may choke on it..just keep a watchful eye on him :)

Ummi's BLOG said...

ohh.. thanks for that rhea.. i better alert my mum that.
but Farley/Rusk biscuits really melt in milk dont they...

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks for yr doa Ihsan.. : )

Anonymous said...

congrats gal.. alhamdulillah! - id-

MissyHid said...

Little Habib...mooo again...hehe..