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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ummi miss you....

I drag my feet each day to work. I cant wait for it to be log off time. It was never like this before I became a mother.

The feeling is getting worse. If only I am a housewife.. but I shouldn't say such things. Because a truly soleha will not dwell on ''What Ifs and If only '' ...

Rabbi Yassir wala'tu asir.

I miss my son, each time Im at work, I think about what is he doing.. Is he calling out to my mum's helper who may be ignoring him because she's busy with her chores ?

I wish I was beside him. Even when Im lying beside him, I would miss him. There I go again.

Little Habib have started attempting to wave his tiny hands up and down as if he has a broken wrist. Its cute because he does it with his left hand instead of the right. Again Im not the first to find this out.

I wouldnt be surprise if '' Ummi '' is not his first words but of cos, I would hope it is.
So far, he spoke BAAAA BAAAA .... and hubby says its means ABAH..so Abah is his first words... Not fair lah.. ''BAAAA'' is no much easier to say than ''MIIIII'' what...

Little Udin is so taqwa for a little boy.. May Little Habib posses the same alim qualities. Amin.


Ihsan said...


Teringat ustazah telling us that her daughter calls her Mama since she finds out that those are the easiest words for a baby to say.

It's a sad thing isn't it that married women need to work. I've always suspected that Islam encourages women to stay at home and take care of things...but I have no concrete proofs yet. Heh.

And thanks for the hajj story..

Ummi's BLOG said...

yes.. but getting food on the table is also a big pahala. I guess both are encouraged, as long as its being done with the right niat.

sure no probs, it a good 'cheer me up' story huh.