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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Maulid weekend..

Alhamdullilah.. I managed to squeez in 3 majlis maulidur rasul over the weekend.

On Friday night ( 12 rabiulawal), after a very tired Friday, I ended off my day at Masjid Al-Ansar where Ustaz Hasan Saifouridzal led Maulid Diba'i to celebrate the birth of our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

I sat with my usual crowd, happy that I was reunited again with my friends with niat to share our love for Rasullullah (s.a.w). It was also a reunion with Imam Ad Daiba'i's maulid of which i seemed to be far from ever since I was exposed to Maulid Al-Habshi. My ustaz being as emotional as ever, cried when he gave sermons on the last moments of our prophet and how till his last breath, he still professed UMATTI.. UMATTI.. UMATTI...this made most of us in the jemaah teary eyed.

After the maulid, we feast on Nasi Ambeng which hubby missed out because he decided to reunited with his friends and nasi Briyani Dam at Masjid Khalid.

Sat Morning, the over-enthusiastic me brought my mum to Masjid Ba'alawi for the nikah ceremony of my friend's sister. Again Maulid Diba'i was recited by Habib Hud Al-Haddad and Habib Hassan Al-Attas.

The whole ceremony was such a blessed event, mainly because it was held in the most islamic way possible. Maulid, doa Maulid, nikah with the men and women sitting separately at a blessed site; Masjid Ba'alwie. I was happy to meet up with Mamu Yasin and our nikah witness Habib Esa. Mummy was also pleasantly surprised that the groom's brother is her good friend's husband. So she made herself at ease there. She also told me that if little Habib was to get married in future, she wanted it to be just like this.. Hmm.. finally! I managed to change her thinking about Nikah at the mosque issue which she just wasnt supportive off previously.

What awe-ed me significantly was what happened to the weather. It was perfect with the sun shining but as soon as the nikah ceremony started, the rain poured and everybody was so happy or shocked from the showers of blessings. I think it was the angels decending from heavens and bringing barakah with them. As soon as the nikah ceremony ended, the rain stopped.

After the nikah and some photo taking, we tucked in the spread. The food was great..imagine Briyani buffet stations, an Anatolia Kebab Stall, a Tosei stall and also delicious hot putu piring... Yummy !!

The Nikah ceremony led by Habib Hassan bin Salim bin Muhammad Al Attas of Ba'alwie and Habib Esa Annaguib Al-Haddad as witness for the men's side.

On Sunday morning, I went for maulidur Rasul at Masjid Mydin where Ustaz Nasarudin Nasir was the guest ustaz. Again, the ceramah was about Rasullulah's (s.a.w) personality which made many people convert to Islam and also about Rasullulah's love for his Umat.

He mentioned on how our prophet Muhammad's (s.a.w) uncle Abu Lahab ( who opposed Islam ), was so happy from the news of Muhammad (s.a.w) birth that he released his slave, Tsuwaiba. With this happiness that he had, Allah (swt) release him from hell's tortures every Monday. So if he who opposed Islam, can be so happy with the birth of Nabi Muhammad, what more us, who are Rasullulah's umat and who prays to Allah ? Isnt it a shame for us if we return to Allah (s.w.t) with the report that we dont have any love for Rasullulah ?

Ustaz Nasaruddin also mentioned this story which Ive heard before many times but it was a good refresher. It was about when Rasulullah (s.a.w) was sick and frail, he went to led prayers and after prayers, he turned and looked at the jemaah. Rasullulah (s.a.w) said if he has debts with anyone, please come forward and claim their debt.

And a dark skinned man put up his hand and said
''Ya Rasullulah, remember you once accidentally hit me with an object. I would like to do the same to you. ''

Now the other sahabahs were every angry at this and Saidinah Omar Alkhattab has raised his sword ready to finish off this man who could bravely said that to Rasullulah who wasnt feeling well already.

But Rasullulah said,
''Its ok Omar. Let this man do the same to me. ''

The man said '' Rasullulah, I would like you to take off your shirt because when you acciedentally hit my back, i wasnt wearing any clothes on my back.''

So Rasullulah took off his shirt. But instead of hitting Rasullulah's ( s.a.w) , the man went to Rasullulah's body and kissed it all over.

Rasullulah ( s.a.w ) said, '' Why did you do that ?''

The man answered ''Ya Rasullulah ( s.a.w), I do not know how long more you will be with us. Later in syurga, you will be at a high place and we cannot be with you anymore. Who are we compared to you ? I will miss you Ya Rasullulah.''

And Rasullulah ( s.a.w ) answered '' Whoever loves me, will be together with me, in heaven.''
With that, Ustaz Nasaruddin said that it is not a lost to love our prophet so much and always mentioning his sirah, hadis and sunnah. After all, Isnt loving Rasullulah ( s.a.w ) a path that leads us to love Allah ( s.w.t) ?


Ihsan said...

You know that's the first picture I ever see of the nikah. Thanks.

Eh...you didn't take photo with my sis issit? Why didn't you say...alamak...

Hehe...takpelah eh...first time I saw the hantaran. Can u imagine - my mom, my sis and I all didn't get to see some of our own hantaran. Thanks for the photo!

About the whip...I don't think it was a whip. I cannot imagine Rasulullah (saw) using one - maybe it meant something else in Arabic tak - sometimes, Arabic words are difficult to translate. The other riwayat I heard was something like the edge of an object.

Ummi's BLOG said...


Oh yar eh, i didnt take pics with her, but i did take pics of her.. and the groom...
show my hubby the groom. hee...

Oh yar, ustaz mention it in arabic, starts with the letter C, i cant really hear what is it, tapi its something to hit a horse.. tapi u right.. Rasullulah will never hit an animal with a whip kan. thanks for the comment.

Ihsan said...

btw, Ustaz Nasiruddin is Mudarris' favourite student - best International student in Al-Azhar..hehe.

Ummi's BLOG said...

yeah, he was VJC student rite, v interlectual.
thats y, i was telling my mum and she was ooohhh sooo handsome, sayang lah adik kau modern sangat..
aiyyyooooo..... !

Ihsan said...

sorry lah, dah kahwin last year...haha. Was in same part-time madrasah as me. Smart fella.

Ummi's BLOG said...

haha... i thought so too.