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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hunger Strike !

I am exhausted but Im fighting. I will not give up on my baby. Never.

But it just breaks my heart. I feel like crying but I have to remain strong.

For the last 2 nights, Little Habib went on a hunger strike, screaming and tearing refusing milk or any form of food until it was way past all our bed time. I shant divulge in more because I will leave these feelings for only GOD to know and may he increase our iman with this minor test that he has befall on me and hubby.

my mind is a confuse wreck yet I have to stay focus and not give up on my baby's chaotic behavior in regards to drinking milk.I was almost so sure that he have isolated himself from feeding woes and started being manageable in getting milk in his system but alas, babies are smart and what they dont want is almost impossible to force.

I really need devine intervention.

Lahaula wala quwata illah billah hil alliyil adzhim.

P/s for those who care, esp izhar, ihsan , ummu nabil, mummy Fuzzywuzzy , K kin , sis Nur... can u spare a doa for little Habib in yr prayers to like drinking milk? Insyallah...


Ihsan said...


Shouldn't you see some specialist doctor or something? Maybe you can get more info on what the problem is. I'm sure there are other such cases. Forcing it on him might not be the answer...

may Allah Help you find a solutioin to this.

Ummi's BLOG said...

i keep putting it off thinking that over time, he will overcome this.. but but but... looks like this time, i really have to bring him to a clinic.
thks for the suggestion.

Ummu Mukhtaar said...


If you are really worried, the best suggestion that I can give now is get a referral from the doctor to see a dietician. Maybe that will guide you in getting Little Habib to the eating routine. Once you have the list that the dietician gives, don't be stressed if you are not able to fulfill it. Take one step at a time.

As babies grow, their development also changes, and so their behaviour. Like I ever told you before, some things just come together. Can you imagine, my dear son suddenly crawls at times and cries when he wakes now. Its unlike him! Base on my observation and analysis, it may be due to his psychological sense as I am expecting his little sibling.

Challenges upon challenges. That's life.

Anonymous said...

Good frens and families are always in my heart and do'a. :)


Anonymous said...

dun weri dear..my prayers are with you.. but yes..do consider seeing a doctor.. the faster the better..

rheA said...

actually my lil ilhan was prescribed some kind of appetizer by my family doc becos he wouldnt eat and drink milk..my family doc is not a paede but she has 4 boys of her own..so she's rather an expert with kids ailments too..never ever give ok..insyallah he will take to milk and food..dont u worry

rheA said...

oops..never ever give up i mean..dont worry..doa seorang ibu is still the best..