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Monday, February 5, 2007

Weekend Buzz

The weekend passed like waves in the ocean... Its comes and it goes.

I had a great weekend. Both mornings, I got to spend with my son, playing with him and eventually put him to sleep for his usual nap around 10.30am-12.30pm. We had this bonding moment as my hubby was not around and mak was cooking in the kitchen. We played, hugged and eventually little habib fell asleep with my finger in his mouth. What a cute sight! Habib is at this phase where he puts everything is his mouth and he seems to have a fasciantion with my fingers. He would hold his Ummi's fingers and suck it, bite it and push it against his gums. His gums must be itchy. So far, no little baby weenie teeth in sight yet.

Alhamdullilah, on Sunday morning, me and Hubby sent Little habib to my mum's place while we proceeded to our favorite breakfast haunt at SRI AYU ( used to be called Mariam ). I was actually grumbling to my hubby about people going for class agama while me and him can sit and eat and stare at cars passing by the roads. Hubby says ok, we can walk to Masjid Darul Aman and pray Sunnat Dhuha. Ok, that's for a start. When we reach Masjid, Ustazah Siti Rahmah Abd Hamid was teaching. So I did my solat then went to the sitting area to listen to Ustazah. This was the second time that I'm attending her kuliah. She was so funny and entertaining that Hubby sms me to say lets stay for this kuliah. I was smiling from ear to ear as I had really wanted to start going for majlist ilmu like this once again. * Thanks Allah for answering my prayers even this bit..*
Ustazah Siti Rahmah is an expert on family issues. She is a counsellor for people with family matters, so her kulias are usually pack with nasihat on akhlak keluarga. Here are some of her many nasihat : Always remind your children, no matter how small they are, to buat kebaikan. This should be an everyday routine. eg '' habib, dont forget to buat kebaikan niari sayang''.... Or ''buat baik ye sayang''.... Parents may sound like a broken record, but eventually, this advise will seep in the child's heart and he will always remember his parents telling him to DO GOOD. You see, when we do good things, our heart will eventually be lock with IMAN and slowly, the desire to do bad things, (eg to gossip or tinggal kan solat ker), will be erased with our IMAN.
Ustazah also mention that we, para isteri, should not be angry or masam muka when our hubby always want to visit his parents. In fact, we should be grateful that our hubbys are soleh people because, as wives, we must listen to our hubbys but our hubbys does not necessarily have to listen to us. Hubby must listen to his parents. This is an akhlak of a solihin. Hmm, I felt a tinge of guilt when I heard Ustazah mention this. I always have issues when my hubby wants to see his parents often, me being manja with my hubby and want most of his attention. Am I being selfish ? Again, Allah is reminding me what is the path for a soleha. But I do have my reasons. Thats a different issue all together. My Hubby knows it and he always tell me to SABAR. Innallah ha maas sobirin.


Anonymous said...

Ya Ummu Habib,
Do you like reading too? If so, I want to recommend 2 books.
i) Biografi Muhammad bin Abdullah
ii) Ayat-ayat cinta
The 'ayat-ayat cinta' is a kind of novel actually, but it's not just an ordinary novel. Very nicely written by an Indonesian man, Habiburrahman(Al Azhar graduate). Find it and read it, you won't regret. it will teach you many2 things.

Ummi's BLOG said...

I love reading.. unfortunately dont really have much times these days.
thanks will look out for these books.