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Saturday, February 10, 2007

1 step forward.

We brought Little Habib out to a majlis today. Hubby's cousin had given birth and had some majlis kesyukuran at her place. Initially, I planned not to bring my baby but it felt weird that If i went to such a function with so many relatives around, w/o my baby. It is the 3 of us now, and not just me and hubby. I didnt want to bring little Habib because he didnt seem to be able to be comfortable with my hubby's side of the family. Usually, he would cry around them because at this point, his world is only familiar with my side of the family since it was my parents who helped take care of him since birth.
Alhamdullilah, to mine and Hubby's surprise, Little Habib was very friendly and he didn't cry at all. He looked as if he was enjoying himself, hanging out with his cool uncles and young little aunty Nurul. Hubby's brothers carried him and he was so comfortable with them. I felt proud... In my heart, I can feel that my baby is growing up and he is taking a step forward to be comfortable with people around him. Thats a sign of growing up.

Little Habib's new toy these days in a blue UFO walker which I bought at a shop in Bedok for $49.00. It was a purchase which was not planned since many mummies had opposed of me letting Little Habib use the walker. They said that he would be lazy to walk and tip toe and be ''bow legged''......... i did read some articles on this too. Well, my take on this is my siblings were on the walker too, and they turned out all right... so, I just want my baby to have some fun since he seems to love walking and standing up instead of crawling...as long as I dont let him use the walker for a long period of time, and that there are people watching him when he is on the walker, its should be all right for him to roam ard the house in it.

And....ooohh..im so happy, Little Habib loves Brown rice! Finally, we can feed him with something that he likes. He's daily menu now is :
Breakfast - Rusk biscuits with milk powder mixed with some hot water.
Lunch - Brown Rice or Nestum with fruit mix with milk powder mixed with some hot water.
Tea time ( 5.30 pm ) - Fruit puree mainly pear / apple /papaya or buah lai.
Dinner - Brown Rice or Nestum with fruit mix with milk powder mixed with some hot water.

I must thank my mother for patiently feeding my baby during each feeding time. May ALLAH bless her for being so loving to little Habib.


ihsan said...

Heh...now I can find out the how Little Habib is doing...

I don't get what's the big deal with babies walking using that. I mean, most of those in our times use that. But anyway, there's always new research on these things. They used to say cats cannot be near babies but later they say it's good for babies to be near pets - good for the immune system.

Anyways, I don't know much about child development...heh.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaam... ahlan ahlan to my blogg..heheh...
yupz, u can read abt his progress here.. : )
Little habib loves cats.. he likes to touch them.. maybe he dont even know whats he's touching..hehe.
He even grabs my sis hamster once.. much to the shock of his ummi yg geli sangat dengan hamster.