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Monday, February 12, 2007

Parent's blessings

Two weeks back, my hubby made a decision on something important and it proved to be a wrong move. Last weekend, after getting advice from some kind strangers whom we found when doing research on the net, we decided that we had to cancel that decision. It proved to be a costly wrong decision as we lost some $$ from pulling back the deal. Well, its better to lose the $$ now then losing more in the long run.
Sure, we are sad, but life is a trial and error. We cant possibly make the right decisions every time. I think this is the first time in my marriage life that i see my hubby , who is usually as cool as a cucumber, being affected. As his other half, I'm trying to be strong and supportive. Today, we are fasting, and my hubby went to do Subuh prayers at the mosque. Hopefully Allah will guide us through this with ease.
I cant help thinking our failure in this decision-making could be due to the fact that both our parents are in the dark about this. We didn't approach them for their blessings and for their advise. We figured that since we are adults, with a baby in tow, it gives us the right to leave them out of our decision-making which concerns us. Lesson learnt. Doa ibu-bapa is very important and will bring us Allah's blessings in whatever that we plan to do. Especially a mother's doa.

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