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Monday, February 12, 2007

Habib Ummar Bin Hafiz from Yemen

Habib Ummar Bin Hafiz from Yemen will be visiting our soil soon.

He is the mudhir of Darul Mustaffa and Darul Zahara in Tareem , Yemen. Alot of Ulama's came from the holy land of Yemen, one of them being Almarhum Sheikh Omar Alkhatib who was teacher to many of our ustaz's here in Singapore.

I first heard of Habib Ummar from my husband about 2 years back. My hubby was friends with Ustaz Hasan Saifouridzal ( imam masjid Ansar ). Ustaz Hasan was then a newly graduate from darul Mustaffa and had just return from Tareem. He shared with us many good stories about Habib Umar.

The first time I attended Habib's Ummar's talk, I felt very blessed that I was one of the jemaah's in the mosques that came to hear this pious man giving sermons. His advise were like pearls in the ocean. I went home telling my parents how wasted it was for them to have missed Habib Ummar's sermon. Its not as if he's always in Singapore. Since then, I wait for his arrival every year, usually some time after bulan Muharram. Insyallah, this time round, I plan to attend his talk at Masjid Ansar and Masjid Kassim. If i can make it, I might attend the one at Masjid Aleem siddique too because there will be Qasidah Burdah, which I have not heard before ( i think ) ...and my friend says its very nice. The maulid at Masjid Ansar will be maulid Al Habsyi- Simtut Durar, not so common here.

20 / 02/ 2007 - Masjid Ansar (mawlid aft maghrib) talk is after Ishak

21/ 02/ 2007 - Masjid Kassim (Short lecture) at maghrib and after Ishak Masjid Istigfar (talk)

22/ 02/ 2007 - Masjid Mukminin (Short lecture) aft Zuhur and after Ishak Masjid Ba'alawi

23 / 02/ 2007 - Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique after Ishak (Qasida Burdah session aft Maghrib)

Sabda Rasullulah '' AL - ULAMAK WARASATUL ANBIYA'' ( Ulamak ku adalah waris para nabi )


ihsan said...

I don't know whether I'll be going to Mjd Abd Aleem Siddique for the Qasidah Burdah too...still divided (got class), but insyallah, I'll still go to Mjd Ansar.

I lost some money too some years back because I invested in something without thinking whether it's halal or haram. But I guess we all go through some rough patches in life.

Ummi's BLOG said...

as much as i wld like u to be at Aleem siddique, i remember yr mum always tell u not to miss ur classes rite ?

yes..we all make some bad judgements in life.. the sad part is that we have to accept it, learn from it and move on.. : (

Anonymous said...

who the hell is he?? tak cukup ke ulama yang ada kat msia ni sampai agung2kan ulama dari luar...

sesat ke ajaran islam yg ada kat msia ni... apa bebudak yg belajar kat sek tu semua dah sesat ke diajar oleh ustaz n ustazah kat msia nih...

oh tarikat followers... dont u just follow and say yes to all orders/instructions by your leader... jangan main ikut saja...

Anonymous said...

Ya Muslim! Please show some respect. Your tone and language is very disgraceful. Firstly to the site host and the visitors. I don't see them show any disrespect to the Malaysian 'Ulama. And how is it that they are discrediting them by broadening their search to 'Ulama from other countries? Where does this racist notion come from? Secondly, Habib Umar is a very highly respected 'Ulama. Fikir dan kaji dahulu sebelum membuat komen anda. Kalau ada pandangan tersendiri itu pun, sila tunjukkan cara tertib seorang muslim. Jangan sampai kita jadi mereka yang kufur memecah-belahkan ummat.