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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feb 14 plans anyone ?

Walking around town tomorrow and Im sure you will notice couples being so lovey dovey together while the girl has a bouquet of flowers in her arms. Yes, thats a common sight here in singapore comes FEB 14 aslo known as Valentine's day.

The things that makes me cringe is that many of our fellow Muslims couples are also celebrating this day. Dont get me wrong. Im not trying to be a spoil sport. I do encourage husbands and wives to be loving and exchanging gifts and flowers. But must it be done specially on FEB 14 which is not at all symbolic in our islamic context ? Im not so Alim in this matter so I dont know about the sinful aspect of this, this is referring to the married couples of course.

As easy as it was for me to say this, I must admit, every year nearing FEB 14, I would tease hubby and ask him whats our plans on FEB 14, knowing full well that my hubby dont like me to do anything un-islamic and he will look at me back with a look as if wondering if Im serious ? well, I remembered clearly last year on FEB 14, we did magrib prayers at Masjid Sultan, then we had dinner at Cafe Samar which proved to be a disaster as both me and hubby personnally didnt like anything about that place except for the ambience.

This time, me and hubby have a date. Insya'allah ...We are going to a ceramah by AL SAYYID AL HABIB THOHIR ABDULLAH AL-KAFF @ masjid Darul Aman after isyak. Habib Thohir is from Indonesia and is holding a series of talks here. Title of the topic tomorrow is '' JAGA MASA LAPANG SEBELUM SEMPIT ''

Anyone is welcome to join us ! : p

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