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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

6 mths progress card ...

Little Habib is already 6mths plus. As active and alert as he is, He still have not began crawling yet , rather he is lazy to crawl..always giving up flat on his tummy when me and hubby 'train' him..
I always says ''okie army training, do yr mud crawl or push ups... ''
he will attempt and then after a few minutes, fall flat and then lie there as if he is going to sleep.

Here is a check list on what babies at 6mths can or may do...

let me see how Little habib has fare.

MASTERED SKILLS - most babies can

• Roll from front to back and back to front (yes, expert at this )
• Imitate some of your sounds ( hmm maybe.. he has his own sounds..mostly baa baa and daa daa... )
• Stand up when supported and bounce up and down using his knees. ( yes, he loves standing )

EMERGING SKILLS - may be able to:
• Reach for objects and puts them in his mouth ( of course, this one, he has mastered. everything goes in his mouth, maybe he is testing if the object can be eaten. His favourite is his teddy bears, pillows and my fingers )
• Use both hands together and pass an object from one hand to the other ( yes )
• Sit without support ( still wobbly, after a few minutes will fall back or sideways )
• Use a two-handled cup to drink ( yet to try but able to hold milk bottle for a short while )
• Feed himself foods that are easy to pick up like cucumber sticks or fingers of toast. ( yes, like i say, his favourite pastime - putting things in his mouth )

ADVANCED SKILLS - a few babies can:
• Pull up to standing position from sitting ( if i pull him, he can stand up without problems )
• Begin to get from A to B by rolling, creeping forward or may even start crawling ( he can roll and crawl backwards ! )
• Pick up a small object like a raisin ( have not tried, must be fast if i do try becos scared that he will put the raisin in his mouth and choke. ! nauzubillah )
• Combine syllables and say things like mama or dada ( not yet..waiting for the day that he calls me ''Ummi''... awww, priceless )
• Try to get a toy out of reach by bending or or dragging it towards him. ( yes )
• When lying on his tummy, he pushes his head, chest and shoulders off the floor. (yes )
• From about 6 months your baby will try to bend and straighten his legs in a jumping movement when he is held in a standing position. He enjoys the sensation of taking his own weight and this will help strengthen his legs in preparation for walking.
( yes )
• He knows his name. ( maybe , sometimes he looks, sometimes no )
• He can hold a toy in each hand without dropping them. May start to clap both toys together with his hands. ( still not able t o clap yet , but gets excited when I clap )
• He looks for object he has dropped. ( hmm..no he's not interested with whatever he has dropped.. next ! )

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