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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Emergency Urut session.

Yesterday night, I had to cancel all plans for an 'emergency urut session'. This body just could not take the tiredness anymore. Any moment, I could just drop and surrender from being a working ant that I am.
Upon good recommendation from a cousin, I managed to secure a session with a busy Kak Maya. She's supposedly very good in this area. And Good she was !
She promptly arrived at my house at 8.30pm. My cousin had told me that Kak Maya was around 50yrs old, so i was expecting a 50 plus old lady, but the lady walking towards my gate didn't look 50 at all. In fact, she looked only in here late 30s.
She brought a massage bed, you know, the one with the whole in the bed for you to put your face in.
Just by pressings my Calf's and thighs , she knew that I'm one who always hold my bladder to the brim before rushing to the toilet. This she says made my bladder bengkak. Ouch !
She also knew that i was constipated and tired and lack of sleep. Ahh... good, this lady knew my body well. I didn't want to be gullible, but I found myself fascinated by what she knew of me just by touching my legs.
So for 1 hour, I had the most relaxing urut. Even my confinement urut could not compare to this. An infra red light was used aka '' Ganggang.''

She crack every knuckles and bones. The cracking of my neck bone was painful. She did 'sengkak' on me as my womb was at a very low position. As for my bloated tummy, she first made me feel the water in it, then she did something to push the water out from my tummy pores. Water was dripping down the floor. Amazing. My tummy felt lighter and flatter now. But I still would need more sessions of that, and on my own, she told me to do leg lifts, and crunches to flatten my tummy. Don't do 90 degrees sit ups she says. It would only give you backaches.
I was advised to drink more waters, so I could release more water, because if I am dehydrated, my body wont release the water in my body, and that causes the bloatedness and aching feeling.

I had a good sleep last night. Little Habib was left in the care of my parents. I miss him, but I need this for myself. I must say that I feel rejuvenated. The only drawback is I feel that this urut session is rather expensive. She charges $70.00 per 1 hr session.


Anonymous said...

salams.. alhamdulillah .. glad you enjoyed it.. and now im more than ever looking forard to my 10 sessions of confinement urut with her insya'Allah.. oh yes, she can also urut people with ailments like migraine and what not.. planning to treat my mum one of these days.. a treat for looking after my little darling(s) insya'Allah hehe.. -id-

Ummi's BLOG said...

yes.. I too thought of treating my mum with Kak Maya's urut session but but but my mum says she prefer the v tradisional type of urut.

I find Kak maya's urut smtg like a spa session but with more Power lah.