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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baby Habib have stop drinking my BM. That means, he was a breastfed baby for about 6months plus.
Its was a mutual decision. I didn't have enough milk ever since he turned 6months and he wasn't so enthusiastic anymore about latching on too.
I will miss breastfeeding. Those days, I would nurse him, while his in my arms and happy that he is drinking the best milk. I am sad that I no longer will breastfeed him anymore, but I'm glad I tried. I tried when many other mummies gave up. Thanks to my friends who encouraged me. A certain Mummy Z who gave me such strong support when breastfeeding was so new to me and a certain Mummy F who came to my rescue when I had engorgement and didn't know that i had to use the pump ! I will never forget their deeds and can only pray that Allah bless them even more.
Breastfeeding is one of the best gift a mother can give to the child, so I would encourage any mummy2be to be to breastfeed. Also it brings a lot of pahala. Setegok susu ibu yang bayi itu minum, mendatangkan pahala kebajikan kepada ibu itu.

My hubby attended the syarahan by Al Habib Thohir Abdullah Al-kaff today at Masjid Al-falah.
He passed me this advice that was told by Habib Thohir.
We must find rezeki which is Halal and stay away from the Haram. One example of rezeki is food.
We must see what we eat and cannot eat anything that is syubhat or that we are not certain is Halal.
Because sometimes, we ask GOD to answer our prayers on something and we don't get it, that's maybe because our body contains non Halal food inside.
Or sometimes we find that we are lazy to do ibadah. That lazyness is caused by the non - halal food in our body.
So my hubby told me to avoid eating at places that are Halal but cooked by Non-Muslims eg Banq***...........There goes my fish soup.

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