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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Alhamdullilah, Hubby and me went for the talk by Habib Umar yesterday night at Masjid Ansar.

Habib Umar walked in the musollah as the maulid group was singing the qasidah that habib wrote himself while in Singapore a few years ago. What a timely arrival.
I noticed as soon as Habib Umar step in the musollah area, he and his companions did solat 2 rakaat without any delay. This should be the way as per sunnah rasullulah s.a.w. Many times, we as jemaah's forget this and we tend to chat and sit and do other things first rather than solat tahyatull masjid first.

Yesterday's topic was JIHAD MEMBANGUNKAN UMMAH menerusi PENDIDIKAN. Here is a summary of what I managed to write in my notebook amidst all the chatting of some muslimahs behind me.

Habib Umar said that we must understand the meaning of Jihad. Its is to memberi segalanya untuk mendapat Keredaan Allah (swt). Jihad memberi kita pahala yang besar. But there are 2 conditions to get the pahala when we Jihad.
1. Ikhlas melakukan jihad
eg, seorang yang dibunuh semasa berjihad dalam peperangan fisabillilah, Allah (swt) will know if this person is ikhlas or not and his pahala will be given accordingly.

2. Amalan jihad itu mesti sesuai menurut syariat Allah (swt).
eg, Dalam zaman rasullulah s.a.w , there is a companion name Saiyidinah Usama Bin Zaid. He was fighting in a perang fisabillilah when he managed to defeat a war opponent who was a kafirin. At that moment, the kafirin mengucap syahadah and embrace Islam as he was afraid to die. Knowing that the kafirin was trying to escape the sword, Saiyidinah Usama went ahead to kill his opponent. When Saiyidina Usama related this story to Rasullulah s.a.w, Rasullah s.a.w said that eventhough niat nya itu baik, tapi tetap langgar dengan syariat Allah (swt), jadi Jihad itu dibatalkan. In fact, Rasullulah s.a.w was so upset and he asked Saiyidinah Usama ''betul engkau membunuhnya selepas dia mengucap ?'' Saiyidah Usama kata '' Betul ya rasullulah''.... Rasullulah s.a.w asked him this question 3 xs. Saiyidinah Usama pun menyesal kerana dia telah membunuh orang kafir itu yang telah memeluk Islam.

There are many types of Jihad. One story that Habib Umar told was of how Rasullulah s.a.w had to be patient while teaching Islam to a community that was Jahil. Jihad yang besar is to mendakwa and educate. Rasullulah s.a.w had to pikul this beban but he never gave up. He went to masjidil Haram to pray in front of the ka'abah during the time where there were 360 berhala around the ka'abah.
Those who died during Jihad eg para syuhadah and syahids will be Ulama's. Ulama's are orang yang berilmu dan orang yang berilmu lebih tinggi darjatnya. Orang yang menuntut Ilmu dan meninggal dunia, mendapat 1 darjat antaranya dan para nabi.

Habib Umar also mentioned that keadaan orang muslimin yang tinggal di Singapura, we must hold on tight to Allah's (swt) command and also follow closely to the teaching of Rasullulah. It is a Jihad to teach our family members and guide our friends with this ilmu. eg, we have to be polite with each other. That is also a Jihad. If we are not polite with our fellow Muslims, that this is the opposite of what Allah (swt) tell us to do, and this is the opposite of Jihad. if Non-Islam were to see this, they will be further from Islam. Islam teaches us to be gracious with one another even to the kafirins.

Lastly Habib Umar advised us to banyak berzikir. Our Hearts must always remember Allah (swt). Zikir is remembering Allah (swt).
This is also a Jihad.
Saiyidinah Umar ( r.a ) bertanya Rasullulah s.a.w ''Siapakah orang yang berpuasa dan pahalanya yang paling besar ? ''
Rasullulah s.a.w. said ''Orang yang berpuasa sambil berzikirlah pahala nya paling besar''
Saiyidinah Umar ( r.a ) bertanya Rasullulah s.a.w ''Siapakah orang yang bersedekah dan pahalanya yang paling besar ? ''
Rasullulah s.a.w. said ''Orang yang bersedekah sambil berzikirlah pahala nya paling besar''
Saiyidinah Umar ( r.a ) bertanya Rasullulah s.a.w ''Siapakah orang yang berjihad dan pahalanya yang paling besar ? ''
Rasullulah s.a.w. said ''Orang yang berjihad sambil berzikirlah pahala nya paling besar''
Saiyidinah Abu Bakar ( r.a ) bekata kepada Saiyidinah Umar ( r.a ) '' Orang yang Berzikir sudah mendapat kejayaan dunia dan akhirat''
Rasullulah s.a.w berkata ''Betul''


nor said...

salaam to you,

i bumped into your blog. dun mind me.
i heard so much abt the Habib coming ...too bad im unable to attend his lectures due to domestic reasons.

Thanks for sharing :)

Hajira said...

Good and thanks for sharing. Insyallah, I plan to go to ba'alwie with hubby tonight. But are his sermons in malay or what language?

Ummi's BLOG said...


Nor, ur welcome..I'll try to write whenever i can.. for a more detailed summary, u can visit a better blog on these topics. She writes better. its :

Hajira... okie, ba'alwie shd be pack tonight with the usual ratib crowd and the arabs...let me know how it went k.
Habib Umar will talk in arabic language and Habib Jidan will translate in Bahasa Indonesia. Thats what happen in Masjid Ansar. Dun know if Habib Hasan will be the translator in Ba'alwie.

Insyallah, I will be going tomorrow night at Aleem Siddique.

ihsan said...


Thanks for the recap...I find that writing in Malay is easier because so many Malay words are the same as Arabic, whereas for English you need to translate. I met two of my Chinese convert friends at the mosque - then I realise, they wouldn't be able to understand much, because they don't speak Arabic too. That's really sad. But maybe they have some Malay friends who translate for them...hmm...I didn't think about it...maybe the organisers should start providing an English translation.

See you 2mrw insyallah.

nor said...

salaam sis,

ive just email u rgds to the hotel stay. :)