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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Enjoy the long weekend everyone...

Its a Saturday today and I'm working.... luckily,its practically a ghost town here in the office since everyone set to celebrate the Lunar new year and its just me and 2 colleagues working, just in case our customers need our assistance.
I'm such a procrastinator. I came in the office with goal of cleaning up my desk, do my filings and clean my drawer but its 11am and I'm still not done with all those yet.

A sad front page title greeted me when I bought The New Paper today. A Lonely widow was dumped by her son, a Doctor. *sad* *pityful*.... U would think an educated person will not be ungrateful to his/her parents and never treat his/her parents that way but the sad truth is sometimes less is more.
'' Little Habib, Ummi doa everyday that you would be someone successful and intelligent but Ummi also never fail to doa that you will be a fillial son and a sollihin.''
As per Yusof Islam song and also from the hadis '' who must you love after Allah and Rasullulah ? Your Mother... who next ? Your Mother. Who next ? Your mother. And then Your Father. ''

Anyway, in another 2 hours will be the start of a long weekend..Ive so many things plan just not confirm yet. I plan to bring Little Habib for some swimming at Tampines swimming pool, then we have a BBQ at Aloha to attend to. A few ceramahs to attend as well and insya'allah will see Habib Umar on Tuesday night. '' Ahli Bait..... I cant wait to see u. Its been a year now. ''
Wish I could bring little Habib to see Habib Umar but I dont think little Habib will be comfortable being in the masjid during his sleeping time. He's not ready for this.... hubby always says one day, we will bring little Habib to meet the Habaibs. Afterall, he did meet Habib Abbas when he was 4mths in my tummy and also on his 7th day of birth and when he was 5mths, Habib Abbas came over to our home for a maulid and touched his head though little Habib cried wails of tears during the marhaban, I think Thats a good start. Its important that we let our children be amongst good people. People who are close to Allah and Rasullulah...

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