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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The one where I'm being Positive...

A week has passed, the current maid seems to progress a little. She understands the housework, she just don't understands the kids much. 
She is quite fierce to them, and I have to keep telling her to love them like they are her own siblings. 
Maybe a little strictness to the kids is good. 
The kids are a little protected and pampered, but they are good kids no doubt. 

I'm still waiting for the experienced helper to comes. My own fear sometimes overtake the actual situations at times.
I fear that the new older maid will resent me telling her what to do, and I fear I don't have the kind of control 
that I have on my younger in-experience maid. 
But I am the employer right, and I have the right to train her to do things my way. 

I really pray this new one is a stayer, if I could get a helper that wants to stay long term with my family, that the problem is solve. 
I want to work cos I have a good job, one which uses my brains all the time. 
It would be a pity to quit my profession to be a housewife, though a housewife is a very noble profession on its own. 
I love to spend, I love to shop. I love to be generous to people. 
Without a job, it would be hard for me to do all those.

I have to be realistic. 

Singapore is so expensive and everything is so tempting. 
Its not as if my hubby earns really big bucks that he can give lots of $$ a month for my own spending right..... 
I realised, this issue of being a housewife with always comes afloat when my kids are in sadness and they need me. 
But when they are happy and well settled, I don't even think about the issue of being a stay-at-home mom. 

I  just have to go through each day, each challenges, as a working mom, praying that Allah protects us and makes the path to the afterlife and to Jannah easy for us. I know, my issue is faced my many working mothers. Its not a new issue and its not an unsolvable one. 

I have to be positive.

I have to be strong for the sake of my hubby and family. I know, my hubby loves me to go out and work and we have a good comfortable life. For that, I have to sacrifice my desire to always be with my kids.

Its not all bad, I do spend time with the after work and during the weekends. In fact, we do alot of activities together like playing at the park and going to restaurants to feast! Its just the weekdays that they are separated from me for a good 10 hrs or so. 

Well, we cant get everything in life. The people who have everything might not really have everything if you really look into their lives. Allah gives us something, and he Takes away something.

I may have a naughty hyper active son, but at least I have a son. 
I may have to work and be separated from them during the day, but at least I get to see them at night....

Think about all the prisoners whose mothers are housewives. Were they not supposed to be successful because their mothers are at home to monitor them?

Think about all the women who have to duty travel for work and don't get to tuck their kids in bed. At least I get to put my kids to bed. 

Think about all those having difficulty finding the perfect jobs when I have one yet, I am not thankful enough. 

Ok now I'm being positive.. hehe, I can imaging hubby loving this entry, as he is a very positive person. 

Lets just wait and see how the experience maid handle things and how she can cope with the kids... 

For now, God Willing, I will be fine....

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