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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last Entry ....



Alhamdullilah, Allah (swt) has given me life to wake up this morning to do the things I need and to strive even more to be a better Muslimah.

My purpose of opening my laptop today and to blog is really to close this blog and to end the chapters of my blogging life, yet it suddenly dawned on me that I really MISS my blog.

"Oh Bloggy...you don't know how many times I thought about you and wished I could blog about whatever exciting and spectacular things that I was going through in my daily life yet I could not find the time.

Adik wakes up really early even on weekends and is really clingy to me. She's like that cos on week days, she sees me only for a couple of hours as I have long days at work.

Abang, cant see the laptop on as he will jump up and down for Starfall.com or some videos on YouTube.

Not to mention, Ive been cooking, marketing, reading, etc so all these took paramount in my daily list of things to do in the weekend.

So I guess, that's partly the reason, Ive been abandoning you, Bloggy. "

Life it seems is full of challenges. Alhamdullilah, hubby and kids are doing well and we are happy. We still visit the Habaibs when they come and visit. We bring the kids still for their Duas and make effort in ensuring our kids are in the best of companies. We do not act 'kiasu' and are rather casual at their education level though I know its high time I get strict with Abang during his study activities.

We just got back from Masjid Shah Alam for the Haul of Imam Abdullah AlHaddad. It was a great family trip in which I am praying will last till my last breath and continue within my children's heart as a family tradition. Hubby drove up and we saw familiar faces during the haul. Masjid Shah Alam was enormous and Beautiful. I wished we had masjids like that in Singapore.

Now that we are back, another Habaib from Hadramaut is here and we have been going for his ceramah ever since. Tonight will be the last at our favourite Masjid Abdul Razak after solat Isyak.

If there is any readers reading, I'm sure you know this is not the place to get the schedule's anymore since I am too busy to update anything. I have to learn for my own knowledge now, so please make the effort to attend this ilmu gatherings. Habib Khadim said yesterday, attending these majlis Ilmu is better than praying for 1000 years and seeing off 1000 jenazahs and visiting 1000 sick people. So going for majlis Ilmu is HUGE pahala and insya'allah, we all get the barakah from anything Good that we do.

Personal wise, I am given a huge Test from Allah. The person very close to me is facing some HUGE crisis and sickness, and HER problem is My problem and I am praying the problem will subside by next year. Its nearly 2 years since my and Hubby have to help with this Problem and it is really draining us yet we Cannot Give Up due to Filial Piety.

With That Said, I extend my Salaams to anyone reading this blog and to my Bloggy as well. I miss all of you, my readers, my friends, my use-to be- blogger friends and wishes peace and happiness for all.


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