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Thursday, December 31, 2009


As I am writing this blog post, I could feel in my heart,
so much love for my son, a love only a mother could feel and understand...

It is indeed a blessing to be a mother, despite the challenges and the fatigue of taking care of the little one, all negative sides will disappear when you get to see the smile on the little one face.

This is going to be a warm and loving entry about my son, Abang or Little Habib as he was once know on this blog of mine.
I will never forget 'Little Habib'.... He was why this blog was created for in the first place.

Abang is no longer the small boy that he was. Yes, he is still small but oh my, he can blow you away when he talks. He will leave you speechless at time.
He is what you would call a "Mak Nenek + a Thoughtful Gentleman".

Abang can talk very well at 3years 5 months of age, and he speaks in sentences, sometimes with over exaggerated facial expressions.
I guess he learnt alot of talking just by being close to my mum. My mum spends alot of time talking to him or I would say in Malay, she 'layan' him when he talks so it actually made him a very imaginative talker.

Abang loves cartoon, he is hooked on Cartoon Network and Playhouse Disney and can tell you all about the cartoons there. His current favourite cartoon I would say has to be Tom and Jerry. He wants to do what Tom does to Jerry to his little sister and thats scary.

Abang dreams of being a Policeman and also an Airline Pilot when he grows up, but I have been telling him to be a children's Doctor so that he can make alot of money!...haha....
But I have always advised him, no matter what he wants to be, I will support him as long as he is a person with Iman. "Son, you wanna be a policeman, sure.... as long as you are a policeman with Iman."

Abang is still as naughty, but not when he was at the "terrible 2" phase. He still makes noise in the masjid, still wants loads of attention and still screams and shouts when he feels like it.
Ive learnt to relax abit because what can you expect from a 3 year old boy whose brain is just too active. I am very sure he does not have ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder, because I have done alot of research about that and my instinct tells me he is just 1 ordinary boy who is just naughty and I am praying hard, Abang will grow out of this soon and becomes a good and mature boy.
Each day, Hubby and me frowns and wonders when will Abang change to be a good and disciplin boy. I guess when that day come, we will shed a tear and say 'Alhamdullilah' with a smile.

Abang loves to talk, read and play. Abang can talk non stop in the car from Singapore to JB. Im serious!

He loves to run and I am encouraging him to try athletics.

Despite all that braveness, Abang is also a 'scardy cat' when it comes to ghosts and insects and dark places. He is what you may call a 'Hero Kampung'.

Each day, I spank him
Each day, I scold him
but I also love him and hug him and spend time entertaining his thoughts of becoming 'Ben Ten' and what nots.....

I wont feel complete without Abang in my life..and Im sure my family feels the same way about him. No matter how 'geram' we are with him, we still look for him when he is not around..

Oh my son,
Ummi prays that you will grow up to be a righteous man who is a gem in the society.
Life will not be easy, especially in your time....
It is with Ilmu and Iman that will help you through this life
Ummi hope you will do well
and do pray for Ummi and Abah when we are no longer around,
That is what Ummi and Abah hope for, that we leave this world with children who are Solehins.
Now, thats a worthy Legacy.

The holidays are over....
Time to study my boy....
Ummi have done my best to keep your over active mind entertained during this December Hols.

We had activities every weekend, and we are ending our hols with a picnic this weekend, but first, let me share with you what fun, Abang had during his school break.

It may not be an expensive getaway, but it was indeed filled with so much love,
priceless moments spent with his Ummi, Abah and Adik.

Abang feeding the goats at the Singapore Zoo. It was sooo much fun cos the goats were hungry and the big goats were bullying the small goats to get the food and we were trying to feed the small goats only...Abang had fun and didnt wanna stop.

Abang and his Aunty Nurul having fun at the Zoo's water park. I wish I could join in the fun as well but too bad, I had to sit at the side looking after Adik.

Abang feeding the fishes at the Kid's Kampung at Pasir Ris. He loved it when the fishes splash water on him.

Abang feeding the ducks as well. He also fed the rabbits and the chickens. It was a good experience for an urban kid who rarely get to be around farm animals.

We brought Abang to see the Cristmas Lights at Orchard Road. This was at the huge Cristmas Tree near Paragon.

Swimming at Siloso Beach Resort where we spend a day to relax.

Abang said he enjoyed the shower area the most. Press and water came out! Hee.

Abang loves to swim but he is still afraid of deep waters.

Abang's signature pose. Enjoying breakfast the the hotel.

Strolling along Siloso Beach....

Lastly, we visited the huge inflated Ball pool at Changi Airport Terminal 3 a few times. Abang loved it and didnt wanna stop.


Anonymous said...

Salam Ummi!

Long time since I left a comment. Love this entry because it makes me miss Little Habib! The other day, met Ateh and he said Little Habib is still as naughty as ever. Rindu lah! Niwae, Insya'Allah he will grow up to become seorang anak yg soleh because he has parents like you and Abg H to guide him in life. Amiin. (: Oh ya before I forget, happy advanced birthday to you. Keep updating!

♥ Azizzah.

Anonymous said...

Have been following your trials n tribulations on raising your son. He has come a long way hasnt he.

Frrom a fellor proud mummy!!!

the woman said...

Masha allah, Ummi,

Look at your entry! The longest post so far? That too, of your beloved son... I thought the post was simply beautiful. I could relate to most of it, I have a boy as well.. Grin. See, your post made me smile thinking of my boy. That's the beauty of it.

Thank you for this entry. :)

PS: I've changed my blog url.. you can update if you want to.

NoR said...

salaam sis,

its been a long time ,hope u are coping well.

this is such a heartwarming entry !

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

I'm so sorry for the long absence. How are you doing these days? I remembered reading about your little habib. There were times when it seems like he was out of control, and you are quite lost on how to tackle the situation. Nevertheless, your warmth and motherly instincts never fail you.

I believe that every single experience has made the both of you stronger. Both of you are truly blessed to have one another. I pray that you shall continue to nurture your little habib with as much patience, kindness and love. May Allah S.W.T reward you sis. Take care. :)

Ummi's Blog said...


Azizzah: Im thankful you love little Habib and he is v lucky to have an aunt like u : )

Anonymous: Thanks for your encouragment! Its isnt easy being a supportive mummy these days...some just zone out after awhile....but lets just pray we can stay concern mummies throughout our lives.

The Woman: sis....oh its been so long since I get to surf the net, I havent change your link yet...insya'allah will do it soon. Thanks for your lovely comment.

Nor: Sis, alhamdullilah, I am surviving motherhood and work has been a blessing so far. : ) Thanks for dropping by.

Hajar: Thank you for your prayers for me. Im am working full time now, and weekends are solely for the kids. They are growing up too and Adik is learning to take about 5 steps before she tumbles..hee.
You take care too sis.

Anonymous said...

MasyaAllah how abang has grown!

Salaam Ummi and kisses to Abang and Adik!