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Friday, June 19, 2009

AIF! ... KL Trip June 2009

Alhamdullilah Its Friday...!

We went for a short 4-days holiday to Kuala Lumpur last week.

Thanks to Mami Mik (hubby's aunty) who showed us around the city, we managed to visit some interesting places rather than the usual KLCC and Bukit Bintang area.

Just the day before we left, while packing, I made the decision to bring along Adik with us. I was deliberating at first. I kept thinking that it would be hard to bring active Abang along with little baby Adik. But then, I also thought about how adik would miss her Breastmilk and my company. My mum was willing to take care of adik for us, but still...somehow, I knew I would miss her even if its just for a day.

There were a few signs to say that I should bring her, so in the end, we did. We just made her passport anyway.

We went as a convoy of 2 cars together with newly bought Walkie-Talkies which were important for any convoy trip you know. Very useful to pass around directions and informations between 2 cars.

My hubby's family in their Subaru WRX and us in our Honda Fit. Alhamdullilah, the journey to and fro was smooth. My BILs are really good drivers. We managed to reach KL in around 4 hours without any stops as we had left only after lunch.

It was an experience to bring 2 small kids on this holiday and being totally in charge of them since my parents didnt come along. Suddenly, I was in-charge of both of them for the first time.

Adik, Alhamdullilah was easy to handle and only cried loudly when she's hungry.
Abang, on the other hand would start to get cranky when its around evening time and because we r on a holiday, he never got his usual afternoon nap, so that made him very hard to handle.
But they say 'what dont kill you only made you stronger' right?...
so me and hubby definitely gain some good experience as parents after this trip. There was some hard times that left me breathless, when Abang decided to cry and scream for toys when he was tired, and when Adik decided to cry because she was hungry, both at the same time. Yar, imagine 2 screaming kids at the same time! That happened on both the days around evening time.
Luckily, my MIL and Bils were there to assist when I needed an extra pair of hands.

My verdict : I THINK i can bring both of them up again to KL end this year for a short weekend trip for the Iman AlHaddad Haul at Masjid Baitul Aman.
Insya'allah...we'll see if Abang can understand instructions better and is better behaved. Insya'allah.

Set off for the Trip at 2Pm after a short stop for takeaway Macdonalds lunch.
Reach Mami Mik's Terrace house at 6.30pm
Solat, ate home cooked dinner and reach Mamu Usop's condo at 9pm.
( Condo : Royal Domain Sri Putramas 2 in Sri Hartamas area )
We passed Batu Caves and Abang got so excited seeing the huge statue of the Deity.

-Swimming in the morning
-Lunch at the famous Pelita Nasi Kandar (very nice but huge lunch time crowd made it a little stuffy)
-Solat at Masjid Negara (the one I saw during solat Jumaat at RTM1...excited to visit the mosque)
-Deer Farm- fed the kanchils bread.
-KLCC-shopped for kids stuff at Isetan. No time for other things as kids were cranky.
Coffee stop at Coffee Bean and at Dunkin Donuts.
-Head back to the condo as the kids were cranky around magrib time
-Dinner : Pizza at 11.30pm because hubby and BIL who went to buy the Pizza got lost while driving back to the condo.

-Nasi Lemak Lunch prepared by Mami Mik
-Templer Park waterfall where we swam in the river -saw monkeys on the forest trees.
-Solat at a nearby masjid-old masjid heavily influenced by PAS. Bil's Urban Male slippers got stollen by some naughty Kampong kids.
-Some shopping for tidbits at Carrefour
-Seafood Dinner nearby-kids extreamly cranky while eating.
-Headback to the condo as the kids were cranky
-After Magrib, swimming with Adik

-Roti Canai Breakfast
-Left for Singapore around noon
-Stop over at Ayer Keroh for tidbits and A&W quick bite.
-Reached Singapore around 6pm

Pelita Nasi Kandar. Bil's WRX and our good old Abdul FIT

Abang and my SIL at Masjid Negara

Abang enjoyed the deer farm soooo much. Its a must to go back to visit them deers and Kancils again!

Mami Mik carrying adik and Abang splashing water on FIL.

Abang and SIL outside the gate getting ready to go swimming...

Adik in her Boya swimming at the condo's huge pool. She's cool as a cucumber!


Anonymous said...


Salaam sis,

Hi-5 to you, mum of 2! Told you that you can do it. Let's be on expedition again this Dzulkaedah (October end) for the haul, I guess. There will be others around to give a hand. Insya Allah!

Ummu Mukhtaar

Ummi's Blog said...


Ummu Mukhtaar: Hi-5! Thanks for the encouragement...It was hard, but I kept thinking that if others can do it, I could do it too, just that the intentions must be for Allah(swt).
Insya'allah hope we can all go to the haul together.2days1nite trip shd be ok with my parents around.

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

AWESOME TRIP~! That's weird ... how come I'm unaware there is a deer park??? Gya~~~

Ummi's Blog said...

Wa'alaikum salam sis,

yar how come yr not aware?! hehe... the kids really love it...kita kat singapura abit deprived. Hard to see farm animals. hee.

Hajar said...

There's always the zoo. :) Over here, one just needs to balik kampung. :)