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Monday, March 9, 2009

12 Rabiulawal...

Alhamdullilah, we celebrated 12 Rabiulawal, the birth date of our beloved prophet Muhammad at Masjid Al Abdul Razak.

I felt happy…..a feeling I haven’t felt for some time. Maybe because I was celebrating my love’s birthday.

Mak went with us. So glad that she came along with us. She needs some spiritual calmness after looking after her active grandson week after week.

During the Qiam, I whispered to Little Habib

“Behave yourself, Nabi Muhammad is here with us”
“ Where Ummi, where's Nabi Muhammad ?” he asked, looking around in all innocence
“ He’s there and smiling at you. Just look and read the selawats…..”

Little Habib stared at the men from behind the curtains with his lips mutterings the selawats and following the Marhaban.

Last night, the men had finished the 12 days of Maulid. Alhamdullilah, I was holding adik in my arms. Mak was making lots of doa during the Marhaban.

Sadly, someone amongst the men refused to stand during the Marhaban. He sat there reading his own book while waiting for Isyak.
Sadly, he is hubby’s friend, and dear hubby was rather upset looking at him sit.
Sadly, someone in the jemaah told him to stand, but he refused.
To us, personally, its such rude behavior. Just frigging insolent!
I mean, what if the Allawyns are right, that Rasullah (saw) is really present during the Marhaban and you refuse to stand. Tsk.
I wont go on cos I don’t wish to discuss Wahabism in my blog… but I cant help thinking what if Almarhum Ustaz Ahmad Semait was still alive and in the jemaah yesterday night......

………………May Allah bestow all of us with his Taufik and Hidayah with the blessings of Rasullulah (saw)

Selawat and Salaams to the leader of all Prophets.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sis,
May Allah bless you and your husband for bringing your kids to attend maulid when they are at such a young age. Not many of us bother to do that.

Ummi's Blog said...


Anonymous : Amiin.. Thanks. Well, actually, many of my friends do bring their children to the attend Maulids too.
I guess we all just do our best and hope our children hearts will be soft and gain love for attending maulids and other religious events.