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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10th Muharram this year..

Alhamdullilah.. today is 10th Muharam, Hari Asyura... this day seems to hold a special place in my heart now...

Its been rather long since I left this blog idle, till I kindda lost the art of blogging. Yes, it does feel rather weird.

Another 2 days till Adik turns 1 mth old. This little angle of mine has been such a big help. She is easy to handle, wakes up 2-3 times for milk or diaper change, than she sleeps back, no major problems, no wailing and crying unless she is hungry and she does seems rather independent.

Im facing a major challenge with Little Habib. May Allah (swt) makes things easy for me and him. He is having separation anxiety with me big time as he has entered the schooling phase of his life. Its the 3r day today, and its still pretty bad. I wont mention much, just that its really causing me much sadness and stress and I blame it on the way hubby and me brought him up. With Adik, I promise it will be different.
No more clingy-ness and hard core pampering.

My days are now filled with taking care of the 2 kids, ensuring Little Habib gets some own time with me, feeding my little guzzler, feeding.... changing diaper....feeding and more feeding....breastfeeding on demand is really tiring....
yes I agree with Norza, we breastfeeding mums are like human cows. Still, I will try my best to stay thankful.



sis nor said...


such an angel she is.

it's the phase of life that we have to go thru, sis.

Hope HE makes it easier for you.


Anonymous said...

hey dun worry so much abt the schooling issue.. they will take a bit of time to adjust, definitely. its not about upbringing so dun blame urself k.
im giving hasan a month to adjust before i start to make judgments abt odd behaviour (insya allah, takda lah).
take it ez k.. lots of doas;)

Anonymous said...

Salaam Ummi,

All these that we experience as mothers are challenges and how we overcome each is sacrifice that only Allah can reward us. Let us be stronger mothers and muslimah as we go through all these.

Ummu Mukhtaar

Adikbongsu said...

Salam Ummi,

Masya'Allah she's has grown big :)
Pretty just like her ummi :)

the woman said...

Masya allah, she's such a beautiful baby.

Don't worry much, take things one at a time. And take it slow.

Take care too. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Ummi!

She looks a lil like your mom!


lycc said...

can she dont always frown [thought since day 1] , like her brother? hrr hrr

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Ladies...

Sis Nor : Yupz, Ive entered the terrible 2 phase and the schooling phase.... scary !!

Nad : hey gal... still having morning sickness?? hang in there k....He has adjusted to school but now having disciplinary issues... *headache*!!

Ummu Mukhtaar : yes, thanks dear...me wil continue to make doa for my son and will step up the parenting game which I have been slacking so far...

Kak Banun : hee..gee thanks!! I always doa for her akhlak to be as pretty as well.... : )

The Woman : Sis, can pass me yr email add or email me at sofearose@gmail.com ....

Azizah : Yes she does..anak Mamak...LOL !! well its fair kan since little Habib looks like my FIL...

Alice : hey she smiles alot too lehz..just that i dont have a camera beside me too capture that shot..hah...

ummu nabil said...

Salaam awak! :D

Ooh, the pretty princess! We're trying to figure out a day to visit! Hee..

I think it's got little to do on how you bring up Little Habib lah. Two-year olds are pretty clingy, and from what I've seen whilst secretly observing the other toddlers in Nabil's class and chatting with other mums at the school, it DOES take time for the kids to adjust to the environment and some kids are faster at adjusting then others. It's nature, and not just nuture ;)

Hajar said...

The little angel is so adorable! Glad the bundle of joy is not bringing much trouble to you. ^^