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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

36th week check up

Went for my check up last Friday.

Turns out, I might not get induced on the 12th after all as the baby is rather small and light and DR wants me to eat more and most probably, we'll go all the way till my waterbag breaks or when Allah (swt) says the baby is ready to come out.
Apparently, now, gynea is not really in favour of inducing the baby next Friday. Im quite cheesed by the fact that why didnt my gynea told me ealier that "hey the baby abit underweight, eat MORE okie..."
Oh well, I guess things were rather on track until now.....

Dr Heng's advise : Eat more... 2 eggs daily, 2 cups of milk, and REST MORE .... ( REST REST REST )

So meantime, Im trying my best to eat more eventhough I dont have much appetite. I am quite taken aback that baby is this light. It must be due to my frequent vomitting after meals.

Feeling slightly disappointed with the baby's weight, though I know it rather late now to start gorging myself to eat all the protein enriched food.

Oh yes, at this stage, Not much movements from adik too. What happened to all the acrobatic stunts and kicks ? :O

Before this, I had prayed to God to give me a sign, if really I should ask to be induced. If Im not mistaken, I performed 2 Rakaats of Sunat Hajat to seek the best path.
This may be a sign that Inducing is not the right choice. Its a classic case of " I Plan and Allah (swt) Determines.'

Baby's weight at 36th week : 2.1 kg ( yeah... really light )
Ummi's weight at 36th week : 60 kg
Dr Predicted Baby's weight at full term : 2.5-2.7 Kg

Little Habib's weight at 38th week and time of birth : 2.75kg.

Hubby and me are rather small people to begin with. So...I really dont expect an above 3 kg baby... whats most important and what I am praying for now is that my baby will come out healthy, healthy lungs etc.....

This Friday, next check up...37th week, going to hear the baby's heartbeat. May Allah (swt) make everthing all-right. Amiin.



Hajar said...


I'm tagging you for "The bucket list". Check it out at my blog, yeah? ^^


Ummi's Blog said...


Haha.. Ok shall take a look at it when Im not busy running after my little toddler. : )

ummu nabil said...

But you must remember the gender hor.. Girls tend to be lighter than boys ;) Don't worry so much ya!