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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sickly Weekend...

Friday 16 May,

Little Habib developed what looked like "whitish milk stains" on his lower lips. I thought it was milk stains and didnt bother to wipe it as he did drink milk the night before.

Saturday 17 May ,
Start of our long weekend. Mum and sis has gone up to KL to visit my older Bro. I was left with daddy, the helper, my Younger bro, hubby and our son at home.

10 am - We went to Kah Motors @ Ubi to view the arrival of the new Honda Jazz 2008 version. Little Habib was active and played around in the showroom and enjoyed bonding with us looking at the car. Hubby toyed with the idea of changing to the new 1.5 L Jazz, but we needed to fork out around 9 K cash to trade in our less than a year FIT which of course I didnt agree....

Lunch - Went to inlaws place. Hang around. Little Habib still active. We noticed more whitish milk stains appearing.
This time at lower and upper lips, and tongue ! His temperarture is a little warm.
I called Dr Bal who had close her clinic for the day. She was on the way to a talk at SGH and I cannot bring our boy to see her at her house. She will be out the whole day.
Based on my description, she says its probably Fungal Infection and told us to get Daktarin Oral Gel and smear it in Little Habib's mouth.

5pm - Temperature went higher. We alerted my dad. He was worried. We looked for rashes or ulcers at his hands and foot. None.
I called my friend Zahara. Her son, ( younger than our boy ) went down with HFMD a few weeks earlier. She told me that the first symptoms that her boy had was whitish milky stains on lips and he didnt want to eat or drink. He was warded in KK for 5 days and that is when the ulcers developed clearly. I panicked !
I told Hubby. Hubby called his parents and they advised us to send Little Habib to KK A&E just to make sure it is not HFMD.
Daddy didnt agree to this as DR Bal clinic would be open the next day morning and we can all just wait.
Meanwhile Little Habib refuse to eat. I smsed Ummu Mukhtaar and she says looks like symptoms of HFMD. I decided, to listen to in law's advise to go to KK A & E.
7.55pm - Arrived at KK, register, paid $75.00 and waited for our turn. It was mad house there with a whole array of kids and babies with high fever, asthma, broken hands. We sat at the back waiting cos I didnt want Little Habib's fever to get worse. Kids with very high fever went in first so the numbers skip alot.
I had migraine. Felt terrible. Little Habib meanwhile seems active and still played around us. I regretted my decision to bring our son to KK because, we could have just waited for Dr Bal to check him the next day. I dont have the patience to wait in long queues unlike some other mothers. Hubby assured me that it was the right thing to do as we need experts opinion and also we should not be lax about HFMD.

10.15pm - They finally called our son's name! We went in and the trainee DR checked our son's throat and mouth. Little Habib cried and vomitted. I was going to cry too but I tried to calm him down. Hubby was in charge of holding him. The trainee DR said its not HFMD and NO Ulcers. I said " You Sure ??" ..... almost agitated.

She decided to get a second opinion and call her Senior Consultant to check. The Senior DR came fast and this time did a more thorough check. He was more forceful and he managed to find 4 ulcers. 2 On top and 2 below the back gums.
But since there are no rash at the buttocks, hands and foot, he said its NOT HFMD and its a fungal infection due to poor hygeine.

10.30 pm - Alhamdullilah, we were all relieved. Got the medicine, Daktarine Oral gel, fever syrup and another Anti-fungal syrup. We left KK and reach home ard 11 plus.
Little Habib had fever the whole night but my dad took care of him. I slept through as I was exhausted.

Sunday 18 May,
Little Habib had high fever the whole day. He didnt want to eat and drink and was cranky.
Me and daddy and the helper took turns to care for him. Wished mum was around too.
I didnt go for morning Kuliah. Daddy went to 2 weddings and me and hubby took care of him while dad was away.

Afternoon - We updated DR Bal. Upons Dr Bal advise, Dad wiped little Habibs lips and mouth with a warm cloth to remove away the fungus. Duh, why didnt I think of that. By removing it, we are stopping the fungus from spreading.
We bathed him in cold tap water a few times to lower the fever. Sponging didnt help.
Poor baby cried so much each time. I tried to sing qashidah and selawat with him to calm him down. I felt depress... partly cos mum was not around and it pains me that my little one is sick...well, this is life.
Greatful that daddy was so helpful. Little Habib had a long nap after that.

" Ya Bunaiyya, you have to get better cos you have a play date with toddler Nabil soon. "

Monday 19 May ( Vesak day PH )
9am - Fever got worse. Little Habib didnt want to eat breakfast. We all got ready and all of us including daddy and the helper trooped to Dr Bal's clinic.
We met Dr Bal. She checked little Habib's temp. 39.2.
Immediately, She inserted Voren Bullet and showed me how to do it. He was crying. Miraculously his fever went down after that. Alhamdullilah. She also searched for ulcers. Tonsils swollen. No rash still. Confirmed its fungal infection.
Prescribed Augmentin anti-biotics and to continue with fever medicine. Bisolvon and salbutomol for the cough.

We went home and gave Little Habib the Augmentine Anti-biotic. He seems better and can eat abit of lunch. Seems better for awhile and Hubby decided to bring him to the park to get some SUN and fresh air ard 6pm. He still didnt look active though. Eyes watery.

Monday night - Fever burn again. Mummy came back from KL around 2am. She was exhausted. I cared for little Habib that night.

Little Habib at the park .... he lost alot of weight.

Tuesday 20 May
I took Medical leave, Migrane, Sleepy and concern over Little Habib's fever. He was Cranky. Refused breakfast. Only managed to force a few spoonful of cornflakes. He drank choc milk and vomitted some of it. Mum put him to sleep as he was too cranky.

10am - Dr Bal called and advised to take blood test at East Shore Hospital if the fever dosent go down. She can get the results within 1 hour. Concerned if it was Dengue but no rash.

Daddy says not necessary to go for blood test. Little Habib probably nak Tukar Bulan. It was his 22 month birthday. After all, no rash or spots. I kindda agree cos I know my son will cry his lungs out if we sent him for Blood test. I sms Dr Bal that I will confirm it at 2pm if I wanted to go ESH or not.

2 pm - Fever slightly down. He ate abit. Confirm, we wont bring him for bloodtest.

10 pm - Fever seems down. Mum told me to go home and rest while she took care of him for the night. I have to go to work the next day and needed sleep. I went home and had a good sleep after a few days of not resting well.

Wednesday 21 May,
Alhamdullilah, fever gone, back to same old naughty Little Habib but still taking his time to finish his meals. Still abit clingy.
Positive aspect of this tiring weekend :
learnt to keep things hygenic, started to boil his bottles again, will throw away his smelly pillow which he loves bitting, Wash his mouth and hands regularly, To be calm in all situations, Doa , Try to make him as comfortable as possible, Patience when dealing with cranky toddler, Made me closer to my dad and grateful that dad was around
Negative aspects :
Little Habib lost alot of weight. : ( and I developed phobia with the " tukar bulan " theory.


nor said...

oh dear, i know how it must have been for you. hope your little habib is well and u must take care too. ((HUGS))

Ihsan said...

Hope he is well and you are well...take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ummi,
Hope that habib is feeling better already. my hasan also down with flu and fever just like me.
sometimes it gets very trying when we see our children sick and we feel helpless because we feel like we arent doing enough for them. but the thing is, falling ill is a part of growing up kan, so let's just doa that they will grow up to be strong boys:)
hang in there k, we mummies have to go through a lot ey;)
anyway, congrats on ur no 2!!!


Ummi's BLOG said...


Thanks sis Nor, Little Habib is much better and Me OK except for the Migraine ...

Ihsan.. hehe.. i geli hati when hear my hubby met you while having his breakfast..did he really tell u I was crying at home ? Anyway, hope you have recovered from your FLU too...

Nad - Hi Nice to hear from you dear, and jazakillahu khairan for your wishes..doa kan eh ! still a long 31 weeks to go thru.
True.. baby/toddler sickness is part of growing up and we mummies really have to be strong for our child's sake....
Hope Hasan is felling better too.

Adikbongsu said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb,

Alhamdulillah, glad to her little Habib is getting better. :)

Abt the A&E, next time you might want to try NUH. I went few times for my kid and nieces and so far theirs is much faster than KKH.

Take care ...

Ummi's BLOG said...

Wa'alaikumsalam wr wb sis...

Hmm NUH eh.. I think thats further from my place than KK, tapi thanks for the note, hopefully, i dont have to make such decisions again... : )