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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Morning....

Yesterday, after dinner , I vomitted everything out like a merlion...rice, asam pedas , fish, sayur ketola. Such a waste. Luckily hubby was around and patted my back and put some Vicks on my head before he rushed of to the nearby mosque for Isyak prayers. I was left alone again as Little Habib had to be left behind at mum's place. So sad, He's been sleeping there the whole week cause I really dont have the strenght to look after him and needed to be in bed by 9pm. I feel bad, but the DR had advise me to leave him there till Im more stable.

I drank a mug of milo, prayed, watched abit of tv, and was in Lala land by 9plus. Im really looking forward for the day morning sickness leaves me then I can enjoy the rest of my journey. Insya'allah.

Im progressings in my selawats... took out my old counter and used it, recited alot on Thursday, though yesterday, Friday, the day where Im suppose to makes lots of selawats, my mouth just coudnt open to recite it.... my mouth felt bitter.

Tonight, Ustaz has invited us to his home for maulid and a few Habaibs from Hadramaut attending. Hubby will go insya'allah... but it seems that I will have to stay behind with the little one as Im afraid I need to vomit and will cause a mess. Im sure Mami Bibah, Hidayah and Ustaz wife will look for me. Takpelah... just have to remember that staying at home looking after my son, being patient with morning sickness is a jihad too.

Sunday, no plans, ironing 2 full laudry bags in the morning, maybe go for kuliah, then... I might go watch the movie http://www.ayatayatcintathemovie.com/ if I feel better.


Cinderella said...

Salams Ummi,
Happy Mother's Day to U!

Insyallah...you be a great beautiful mum just like our mummies... :)

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Hid..

hee, thanks... ! heard u all went to swensons to celebrate huh ...
: )

Adikbongsu said...

Tahniah... :)

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks sis..doa kan eh.