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Monday, April 7, 2008

K.H Aagym @ Masjid Darul Aman

Little Habib with his Abah asking K.H Aagym for some doa.

Alhamdullilah, I had one of the best Sunday mornings last week.

I celebrated Maulidur Rasul ! Lembaga Pentadbir Masjid Al Abdul Razak organized Maulid at Masjid Darul Aman and had a fund raising event for the on-going renovation works of this blessed Masjid.
They still ARE in needs of alot more funds and were appealing for donors.

At 9am, Hubby, me , sis and Little Habib arrived at the mosque in time for the start of Maulid Di'baie. We read the whole Maulid in unison, and since I had the book with me, we knew the lyrics and words. During the maulid, little Habib sat with his Abah and Alhamdullilah, was very well behaved.

Around 10.30am, before the start of the syarahan of K.H Aagym started, hubby passed Little Habib back to me, as the little one was sleepy and restless. He kept tossing and turning on the carpet and trying to find a good position to sleep. Luckily we brought his pillow. Bagus jugak, so I can concentrate on the syarahan kan. Finally after some "tepok tepok", he feel asleep and slept throughout the syarahan as the lady beside me tepok tepok him to keep him feeling sleepy and quiet.

The topic of the syarahan : " Qalbu Suci sesuci Embun di pagi hari " .

It was the first time I listened to K.H Aagym and really did not know what to expect from this well-known Kiyaie from Indonesia.

We have seen a few of his syarahan posters before and never once did we attend as our hearts never open to want to listen to him.
Somehow, we were amongst the invited guest from Allah (swt) that very morning and
Masya'allah.... he is one of the most spiritual Kiyaie or Ustaz I have ever seen and heard.

His level of Taqwa and Iman oozes out in his speech and I am now a major fan of Aagym.

I am not one to like all the Hyped up and popluar Ustaz. I usually like religious teachers who lead by example and who follow the akhlaq of our Prophet ( saw ) like our very own Ustaz Hasbi.

Aagym really captured my attention spiritually. Not to mention, at some point of his talk, he made jokes, he sang and he azan. My sis, said it was one of the best syarahan ever, and even hubby smsed me during the syarahan that Aagym is really good.

I will definitely go to his next ceramah here if he ever comes to Singapore again for any majlis. Insya’allah.

K. H Aaagym said :

* Amal akan diterima kalau kita Ikhlas. No use if we zikir "subahanallah" 1000x but we are Riak and want people to hear. 1 "subahanallah" if ikhlas is better than a 1000 "subahanallah" if Riak.

* Whatever amalan we do, if done with Riak, is not accepted.

* Sedeqah if we wish to be praised, is not accepted.

* Amalan, good deeds if Bangkit, is not accepted. Eg, If a mother bangkit to her child "I carry you for 9 months, and went through alot and now you are disobedient".... This words will take away the pahala of the 9 months.

* Aagym says : Y do we want people to see our amalan and praise us?

If we want to emulate our Prophet Nabi Muhammad ( saw ), we must STOP thinking of what people think of us. We must bergantong solely on Allah's ( swt ) perception of us.
Bagaimana kalau pengorbanan kita tidah dihargai ? Senang sahaja, ingat bahawa Allah (swt) yang tahu.

* When we give sedeqah, our rezeki will multiply. No one goes poor when the they give sedeqah. But we must Yaqin that Allah (swt) will multiply our rezeki. Allah (swt) says "Aku sesuai dengan pra
sangka hamba ku".

This is one of Rasullulah (saw) character. What he does is only for Allah (swt). If he is looked down on, its Ok. Rasullah (swt) will still return it with doing good. Aagym reminded us that
Who does good will get good and who does bad, will get bad.

* Aagym reminded us : on Syiriq which is a factor that makes our heart spoil.

Eg, we say , " After I learn from this Ustaz, He really makes me open my heart to make me a better muslim" .
This is wrong as it was Allah (swt) who opens our hearts and not the Ustaz. Allah is the one who gives us Rizk and good health and not anyone else.
If a woman's husband were to pass away, dont pity her as her solebread winned has died. Because Allah (swt) is the one that will give her Rizk and provide for her children to go to school etc. The task of the widow is to guide her children know GOD and give them Ilmu Tauhid, and Allah (swt) will make their path easy. Allah (swt) will help the person if the person is clean with Tauhid.

* Dont be a munafiq. If you have made a promise, than patuhi janji itu. Jangan Dusta dengan orang. Jangan Riak dan ingin dipuji orang. Ada orang or takde orang, yang penting Allah (swt) melihat kita. Amalan kita harus hanya untuk Allah (swt) dan bukan untuk Manusia.

Aagym naratted the story : of Lukman Nur Hakim and his son and the Dongkey. The moral of the story is your life will never be at ease if you think of what people think of you. Manusia suka beri comments. Itu lah manusia. If we always want to be appreciated and always want to look good, than our life will be full of disappointment. STOP !! STOP thinking of what people think. Just depend on Allah (swt)

* Jangan Iri Hati / Jealously.

If your friends have nice cars, or if they are beautiful, dont say " I dont want to friend her ". This is all arranged by Allah (swt). Everyone has their own tracks. If this person have many children, and you dont, Dont be Jealous. Its all Allah (swt) wish. The most important is our hearts must be thankful. Bersyukur dengan rezeki kita.

* If we want our hearts to be clean, than Taubat Nasuha.

Always train our lips to Istigfar. In the bus, when there's nothing to do, Istigfar.
Read Doa Nabi Adam ( a.s ) : Rabbana zalamna anfusina wa il lam taghfir lana wa tarhamna lana kuna minal-khasireen // Our Lord! We have wronged our own souls: If thou forgive us not and bestow not upon us Thy Mercy, we shall certainly be lost. [7:23]

If we are alone and do Qiamulail, and we read this doa, and tears flow from our eyes, insya'allah, its a sign that our prayers for forgiveness will be answered.

* Be far away from Maksiat. Aagym advised us : Do not watch TV programmes that does not bring us benefits.
Dont listen to songs which hayalkan kita. Better to listen to nasyid or read Asma Ul Husna. If we die while listening to nasyid or reading good things, insya'allah Khusnul Khotima.

* Be quiet. Talk if needed. More talk, more sins. If we talk, talk with good akhlaq.
Zikir. If there is nothing to do, Zikir Ya Sallam ( for safety ), Ya Fattah ( if have alot of problems ), Ya Razak ( if have alot of loans ), Ya Latiff ( if husband is a hot tempered person ).
Zikir, the more we remember Allah (swt) the more Allah (swt) will remember us. Imagine, if the parents remember his child, he will buy for the child toys. If Allah (swt) remember us, his blessings will be much more abundance and special.

* To make us heart clean, we must help people where ever we go. Do more amal, help the needy. If we have food, dont eat it alone. We will not be poor if we give sedeqah.
Masjid Abdul razak needs donations, we must donate. Haqqul Yaqin that Allah (swt) will return us with much more. Even if not in the form of monetary, but in the more of health and anak yang soleh. Use your right hand to donate. Your left hand don’t have to know. With the money In hand, Doa to Allah (swt) to bless you with more rezeki. Donate somemore if you receive more Rizk. Allah (swt) will bless you with much more after that.

Lastly, Aagym read out doa to end the majlis and it was very touching and sincere and we all pine for Allah (swt) blessings at that very moment.

What a SPECTACULAR Moment.

I pray that I will be able to attend such functions for the rest of my life. ameen.


nor said...

Salaam Ummi,

i still havent got the "jodoh" of going to any of his syarahan yet..

Ummi's BLOG said...

hahah.. insya'allah.."jodoh" di tangan tuhan... LOL ! ; )

Ihsan said...

Hmm...I wouldn't call it "jodoh", nanti lain cerita...like you last time, I also don't feel like going to his lectures, but after your post, perhaps I should attend one of these days...

Ummi's BLOG said...

hehe...true we r out of context. Insya'allah, pray to Allah that we will be able to attend blessed gatherings and make the effort to, and Insya'allah, Allah will make the path easy for us.

Ihsan, yar, y not.. just try once and see if you benefit. We can always choose. Insya'allah.

Abu Mukhtaar Ibni Abdullatiff said...

The trials of the Ulama is definitely greater than normal people like us. I sense a certain sadness in his words with reference to him taking two wives. According to my mum, his popularity has fallen since his second nikah. Too bad his followers does not achieve the level of understanding and iman that he hope for.

Ummi's BLOG said...

I did read abt his second marriage and how his "fans" left him when he married again.

I cant comment much, but my hubby asked me why is it when people have affairs and zina, no one says a thing..., but when a man marries again and does something HALAL, people cannot accept the fact and thinks negatively....

May Allah (swt) shed light on us.