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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loving Rasullulah (saw)

Little Habib does the sujud at Masjid Baitul Aman.

Ya Bunaiyya,

Do you know that its our prophet's Rasullulah (saw) birthday today ? When you grow up, you must attend maulids and have alot of love for our prophet and practise his sunnah. Rasullulah (saw) kata "sesiapa yang sayang padaku akan bersama ku di syurga nanti"

Ya Bunaiyya,
do you know that on the day Rasullulah (saw) was born, not only human beings celebrated his birth, but even plants, trees, rocks and animals ? Buah buahan masak pada hari tersebut, perigi yang tidak ada air mula keluarkan air, dan api yang disembah orang Manjusi di padam... etc etc....

May you grow into someone who follows Al-Quran and the sunnah my boy. Those are the 2 things Rasullulah left us when he wafat.

Ummi loves you so much... now even more ...and Ummi cant wait for you to grow up a little bit more so that you can start attending maulids and singing the beautiful qashidah written by our walis and Ulama's. Insya'allah.....We'll get Ustaz Hasan to teach you the beautiful qashidah from Maulid Alhabsyi, then we can sing it together. Insya'allah.


*****Allahumma solli wasalim wabarik alaih *****


ummu nabil said...

Little Habib jama' both ruku' and sujud. Hehe.. So cute lah dia :D I was pretty tickled the first time I saw him do that at your place. Teringat2 for a few days! When Nabil started doing that, I immediately remembered your boy doing it too.

Hai.. Kalau dapat amik gambar dua budak ni tgh pose camni together, kan best! Hehe~

Ummi's BLOG said...

haha tu ah... wonder y he does it that way, so he can see whats going on when he sujud ? hmm..

yar, next time we can maybe meet up at one of the mosque and see if we can get both of them to sujud at the same time ?..heh ! whats a sight !

Anonymous said...

i'm dying to see lil habib lah ummi. its been years since i met him. take care okie. =)


Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaamz zizah... ah'ah eh...we seldom get to meet lah, he looks just like ateh!!

insya'allah one day..mayb i can pop by your place ?? : )