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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

12 Rabiulawal...

I love this Qashidah.... Its Little Habib's current bedtime lullaby ...

يَا إِمَامَ الرُّسْلِ يَا سَنَدِي
Wahai penghulu para rasul ! wahai sandaraku
أَنْتَ بَعْدَ الله مُعْتَمَدِي
Setelah Allah, engkau adalah peganganku
فَبِـدُنْيـَايَ وَآخِـرَتِي
Dalam urusan dunia dan akhiratku
يا رسول الله خُذْ بِيَدِيْ
Wahai rasulullah! Bantulah aku

With the coming of 12 Rabiulawal tonight, I must be happy happy happy !! There is so much blessings in my life, and the blessings of my sight alone cannot be compared to even if I were to do good deeds for 500 years.
I have to remember that when Im sad, Allah and Rasul is with me. Well, this is the case for all mukmins.... test after test after test.....so If I want to be a mukmin, I have to go through these test of faith. And Allah will not test me with something that is beyond my means. Insya'allah.
There will be a big majlis at Masjid Darul Aman tonight to commemerate our Prophet's (saw) birthday. Ustaz Nazarudin Nasir and Ustaz Jallaludin Hassan will be giving a ceramah, insya'allah.... but I dont think I should be going cos I need to take care of the little one at home, also I shouldnt be carrying heavy him around at this moment. Need to recuperate first.
Tonite and tomorrow nite, since Im excused from performing prayers and reading the Al-Quran, I plan to sit on the sejadah to read selawats from my selawat book. Thats the best I can do to celebrate our Beloved Prophet's (saw) birth. Masya'allah, if you read the stories in Hj Aminah Adil's book, there are so many good and unimaginable things that happened on the day Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born. He is indeed a blessing to all mankind.
Makes me miss being at masjid Nabawi.....


Ihsan said...

Yes, rejoice...reading on Rasulullah (saw) should lift up your spirits a bit because he is Shifa' - Cure. :-)

...take care and hope to see you around.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Are'nt we lucky to be his Umats...

Take care and see you around too " )