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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Outing @ T3

Maal Hijrah will this wednesday after Magrib.
So, lets prepare ourselves to read the doa akhir/doa awal tahun. Its year 1429 after Rasullulah (saw) hijrah from mecca to medinah. Its sunnah to fast on 9/10 Muharram. Insya'allah. May this new year 1429 brings lots of barakah to us.
I guess either I go to Masjid Darul Aman or Masjid Kassim or I'll be at home taking care of Little Habib while reading my doas.. Depends if my mum is going to the mosque or not. If she's going, then I'll have to take care of my boy that nite.
~ ~ ~
Had a great time bringing Little Habib out this sunday with Mukhtaar and family.

Parked the car at T2, took the skytrain and had a tour of the vast and lovely rainforest landscape aura at T3.

Little Habib and Mukhtaar has fun running around a not so pack airport terminal, even us parents had fun taking photos, weighing ourselves at the baggage counter scale, pretending to be rich folks at the luxurious check in lounge and ending our tour with a nice meal and chat session at Swensons T2.

Singapore is really moving fast with futuristic technology and design. T3 is said to use lots of natural light in the bid for energy conservation. The toilets and Baby's feeding stations are also very comfortable !

Level 3 @T3 are lined with shops so that people can do shopping while strolling around. Its has become an attraction in its own !

Abu Mukhtaar and family.

Little Habib checking out the check in counter.

Little Habib and Mukhtaar standing at the viewing gallery.

2 little boys being pushed around in the trolley.... mak bapak tak payah terkejar kejar !

Yummy ! I heard there's a nice salad bar here.


Ummu Mukhtaar said...

Assalamu'alaikum Ummi,

We too had a great time exploring T3 despite not a complete exploration though it was Mukhtaar and my 3rd visit. Actually more of 'play'. hehe. Anyway, there are new places that we encountered like the VIP room and the new shops. Yet to explore Level one down till level B3 fully. There will be other time, Insya Allah.

To think about this kind of activity, I will categorize it as a playdate too! Rationale behind it:

. Our kids are still too young to be able to play cooperatively.
. The location itself has many distractors so as not to bore us all. Even the kids love it! I noticed that Yassir is more aware of Mukhtaar, seeing him running around from the trolley - even start to call him.
. Seeing one another punye telatah, it helps me to understand your family. Thus allows me to try planning for other outings.

My observation - since the kids are still so young, it is better for playdates to be outdoor activities. If it is to be indoor, the duration of playdate can't be so long - the younger the kids are, the shorter attention span they have.

Final note - thank you for the following
-accepting our outing offer
-rides/treats etc.

There will be more to come. Ooooh, I'm feeling jumpy already, just like the kids. Hahahaha.


Ummi's BLOG said...


Its must be my fault that we didnt compleate the lower levels at T3 because my stomach was growling. Haha....

Yes yes, I find that its a playdate. Little Habib called Mukhtaar " taaa... taaa" at one point kan...so cute !

We had fun lah. Its not often we friends can behave like kids in front of each other. The funny part was at the VIP lounge where we acted as PPS flyers. ( biler lagi kan? hee hee... )

Once Baby Zainah and Ahmad Farouq gets bigger and starts walking, boleh lah the 4 of them really start playing with each other..Zainah will be the rose amongst the torn. heh


cinderELLA said...

Ummi, Im yet to visit T3. May be we can find one day to explore T3 together eh??

Btw, why is Little Habib's hair so short?? Wrong hair cut again??

Ummi said...

haiz... hair cut gone wrong again !! haha....
takpelah, no matter what, hes still my buchuk mummy. It will grow..hee!

Ummu Nabil said...

Ummi, nice dress, the colour suits you! (It looks a bit like the dress you wanted from littlemissmatching :D) And putting the boys in the trolley is a good idea. Next time I'll ask Nabil's dad to push both me & Nabil around in the luggage trolley. Hurhurhur..

My dad suggested once that kids our sons' age should be dressed up in jeans and let loose at the Botanical Garden to tumble, run and explore (but datok won't be the one to wash the grime off the dirty budak later!). Heh.

Ummi said...

Salaams Ummu Nabil,

Thanks.. thats what I thought too.. this is the one lah that I bought at Tampines.

Hmm good idea.. botanic gardens... shall we arrange a play date there then ? but my hubster wont know how to drive there hor... hur hur..