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Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 going on 2008 !

The festive season is here and hot on my heels.
I received presents today, all wrapped up in Christmas wrappers.
I'm trying to soak in the atmosphere without holding on to the religious aspects.
Islam do promote giving presents as part of meng-eratkan silaturahim right.
Luckily I prepared gifts for my colleagues as well. Just wrote on the wrapper " happy 2008 ! "

We brought Little Habib to Parkway Parade yesterday.
Seems that the entire eastern population congregated there because the mall was just packed and queues were just too long. Even as my hubby and BIL shopped, I was only interested to layankan the little one.
I made the mistake of giving him ice - lemon tea ( think : caffein ! ) before the shopping trip, thus the little one had a sudden burst of hyper active cells around his blood streams which made me an asthmatic Ummi just running after him around Isetan.

Outside Chomel, he threw a fit because I didn't allow him to play with those shiny brooches and he lied on the ground refusing to allow me to carry him. Pandainya dia berat kan badan dia... kalau orang tak tengok, Ummi dah cubit tau.
Well, at my age, its already so hard to keep up with him.

The heart and mind are just not feeling right today. Im trying to make alot of zikir in my heart.
Maybe its PMS or
Maybe its because Im going to turn a year older very soon.

I never liked celebrating my birthdays thought it the other way around when it other people's birthdays.
I dont like to be the centre of attractions and No, please dont sing me any birthday songs cos I really dont know where to put my face when people do that.
Of cos, Im thankful as it means that Allah (swt ) have given me a chance to live a year longer, but whats the use if my Iman dont get better as the year passes ?

This morning I told my hubby that in terms of ibadah, I dont think I did good this year.
Compared to the previous years, I did not clock more time in the masjids, I didnt attend more maulids and reading ratibs and quran seems lesser.
Motherhood seems to take precedence over my ibadah and that makes me feel terrible.

Hubby reminded me that taking care of my son is also ibadah.
Staying at home to take care of Little Habib while the hubby is at the mosque is also ibadah.
Bringing Little Habib to the mosque but not listening to the syarahan cos Im busy chasing him around is also ibadah.
Being a good wife is also Ibadah. Housework is also Ibadah. Going to work is another Ibadah.

Hubby says my defination of Ibadah is very narrow and I should not be too rigid because he says if I treat my husband well, the pahala is as big as Jabal Uhud and he does not know if reading the quran is as big as that. ( ok that part , he is joking )... but he does have a point, so I shall try to be less pressurising on myself when it comes to Ibadah because I dont notice it but Ibadah is a daily affair and not only when I attend majlis ugama.

Everyone is asking me whats the plan during my birthday. Seriously, I dont know.

For the past years, Hubby will ask me on the day itself what I want and where I want to go ( albeit with full of enthusiam to spend the day with his darling wife). Its no surprise each year, and Im just sick of waiting for a surprise. Can you imagine buying your own birthday gift eventhough he is paying ? Haha...

Im not angry. Some people are just no good with planning birthday surprises. Anyway, Ive become numb and I dont expect it. Birthdays is just another day where I get older, hopefully wiser. I know, Im being difficult. Last year, I wanted a gold chain, so he brought me to Ming Seng @ Joo Chiat Complex on my birthday to buy me a chain and a "S" shaped pendent. That I love eventhough I chose it myself.
- Still, I insists that we celebrate only our wedding anniversary because keeping a happy marriage can be hard work and as the marriage progresses, it calls for a celebration.

Bonus is in, not for me, but for Hubby.
Since Im new and still less than 6 month in my company, Im not getting 13mth pay also. Takpelah, takde rezeki.
Hubster has spent part of his bonus on the car. Little FIT is getting a bodykit soon. The Remus exhaust will have to wait cos it makes better sense to not splurge all the $$ at one go. Thankfully, he rewarded me with a bag. Something which Ive always wanted.

2007 is will be gone soon. 2008 is around the corner.

2007 feels like a tiring year. At one point, it was full of anxiety. It has also been a landmark year.
First , I got my car. Alhamdullilah. A gift of convenience and a blessing that I am very thankful for.
And 3 jobs in a year. Something that I was made to go through which definitely made me wiser. A first for me and hopefully a last too.

Im awaiting Muharram before I actually have any new azams.
Thats the correct way for us Muslims kan. Not the New Year but Awal Muharram


Ummu Nabil said...

Hubby reminded me that taking care of my son is also ibadah...

...Being a good wife is also Ibadah. Housework is also Ibadah. Going to work is another Ibadah.

You know, sometimes we forget that ibadah is not just confined to the sejadah or the mosque because we tend to treat the daily routine of work, housework, care-giving as just another chore that has to be completed. Heh. Padahal, semuanya diambil kira oleh our assigned 'accountants'! ;)

Ummi's BLOG said...

tu lah... agaknya kat hari akhirat, kita kata "eh eh.. tak tahu sey aku dah banyak buat ibadah "..haha..

ummu nabil said...

Amin! Who knows, it's the little things that might speak for us in the end, when we can no longer speak for ourselves :)