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Sunday, December 16, 2007

1st Playdate for Little Habib....

Just being 11 days apart of each other, It was the first PlayDate for Little Habib (the elder ) and Baby Bulat yesterday night....
First arrangement of such, and more to come, Insya'allah....

We had fun, pizzas ... ice peach tea ... the men talking about cars, the mummies trying to entertain the toddlers.

While Little Habib was being a gracious host, Baby Bulat was cranky and clingy. It was a different him since the last time I saw him at his granny's place. It could be because he spotted his mummy carrying little Habib when they just arrived at our place. Toddlers jealousy?..hehe... Next time, I guess, we all have to warm up first before carrying each others kiddos..

For the first time, I noticed my boy was willing to play with another kid and sharing his toys. Could it be that he's in his home territory ? He usually only plays on his own and not with other kids.

He even showed alot of "posses" to Ummu Nabil and Bapak Nabil, such as his sujud pose..and his flying kisses....Im proud of you baby !

Finally we managed to get a giggle and some sweet laughter from Baby Bulat in this position ! Boys will be boys.....
"Overall, it was a good play session. Thanks so much for the toy for Little Habib. Insya'allah, we hope to go over to your place next time. "
The boys looks so good as pals matching in terms of age. I pray that they grow up being close buddies bringing good influences to each other in terms of akhlaq and ilmu.
Then , as ummu Nabil says, we can pack them off to Tareem while we mummies goes to Bangkok for shopping and Spa.. haha.. I Like !!
Meatime, I would really like to have play sessions with other mummies and kids, these memories will be good for our kids....we'll be contacting you guys soon.. Insya'allah.


Ummu Nabil said...

Little Habib has grown so much! Chubbier, very social and sooo cute ah :D

Nabil very the anak mummy kan? Clingy macam velcro!

Let's pack them off to Tareem, we pack ourselves off to Thailand and leave the bapaks to pick up the bill after all the damage. Muahahahaaaa..

Thanks for the hospitality! The pictures are on their way to you :)

Ummu Mukhtaar said...

Salaam Unmmi,

It's good to see that Lil Habib is able to socialize and trying to share his toys with others. Following are some traits of ADHD that I DON't think Lil Habib has :

1. Attention to one thing or activity is in split seconds.
(If it is a matter of few minutes, its OK, very common in young children)

2. In a gathering, go to one side and play on his own, don't care what others are doing. (If the child go to one side, clingy, and observe, it is Not the ADHD or autism trait)


Ummi's BLOG said...

I spoke too soon. Little Habib became overly clingy and cranky to me the next day. haha.. tak boleh kena puji sei budak ni...

Next time we go Sengkang lah..then Nabil can be more comfortable..when when ? hehe...

Salaams Ummu Mukhtaar,

Thanks for the info. Makes me feel much better knowing that.
But sometimes, in gatherings, Little Habib can ignore the rest and play on his own and dont show interest in what the other kids are doing...
hopefully, its nothing...

Ummu Nabil said...

I lup lup lup looking at the little boys' pictures together! Pictures are up at you-know-where, finally!

How did you update so fast? Heh.

Ummu Mukhtaar said...

Salaam Ummi,

With regards to the clingy behaviour, there is a reason to it - Lil Habib did not get enough (attention) from Ummi and Aba THOUGH he had a friend guest over to mingle around with. That is very typical in small kids. Likewise if you were to take notice in other events "Mummy and Daddy are around me, but they are not available for me to get their attention". Hence the following day is a day to cover back the "losses".


Ummi said...


wow.. thats a reasonable explanation.. U are good man Ummu Mukhtaar..! can analyse kids behavior.. : )
I guess that could be the reason for this un-explanable super clingy behaviour the next day...

Ummu Nabil, I woke up early to update..haha...sacrifice my sleep... :o