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Friday, November 23, 2007

He said UMMI !

As Project Discipline continues, things are not getting easier or better. Im fully aware that this is a long process before any results will show and meantime, I just have to address any undesirable behaviour when it shows.

Little Habib broke my mum's vase yesterday. He simply moved his little ( but strong ) hands across the room and the old vase was not spared in the act, despite the fact that my mum told him not to play near the vase..... My mum tried to reprimand him, but she told me its difficult to be mad at him cos he will show her this cute face of Im "not guilty", making her hug and kiss him instead.

While this is definitely not the way to discipline a toddler, I know how she must have felt. The other night, we were just lazing at home, the 3 of us, watching something not worth watching i find on TV, ( Gol and Gincu ), and Little Habib was messing the whole living room with his toys... Then I stood down at him and told him "dont trow your toys like that, (in a firm voice)" and he gave me a "cunning spoilt brat ( i didnt do anything wrong) look"...
haha you should have seen it lah, and I just felt like giving up disciplining this cute little rascal.

Tell me, how do I scold him when he does not understand that his actions are wrong ? I just felt like kissing and hugging him instead... ( maklumlah, he's the only baby in my household at this moment kan ) ..... so difficult to resist his funny cute antiques. Even when I "nag" at him to behave in a motherly loving voice, its doesnt seems to get through.

Oh yes, He said UMMI.. he said UMMI !! a few times, but only when everyone in unaware... when I tell him to say it again, he says in , in a whispering tone.... Since Little Habib have begin speaking vowels and more baby talk, hubby has been constently reading this doa in his ears.
"Rabbish rahli sadri wa yasirli amri wa ahlul uqdatum mil lisani yafqahu qauli", which translates to: "O God open my chest, make my task easy for me and untie the knot in my tongue so that they may understand me".

Here's Little Habib praying ( on a chair ) at Masjid Kassim. The ladies jemaah were praying Isyak in front, and he simply just followed them... little habib ... little habib...
well, who said motherhood was a breeze, yet it still is so much Joy watching them toddlers and their funny quirks....



Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Little Habib! :D

This seems to be universal. Out of the blue, Nabil would squeal "MUMMYYYY!" or "BAPAAAAK!" very clearly. When we begged for a repeat telecast, dia buat bodoh jer. LOL..

~Ummu Nabil (yg malas nak sign in.)

Ummu Mukhtaar said...

First and foremost, Alhamdulillah, there are development of Lil Habib that you noticed.

Some reminders after reading your blog:

1.repetition is kids game. So with repeating the same phrase for a certain situation will make Lil Habib understand the message that is to be conveyed to him

2.in any project discipline, as "disciplinarian/guide", we must be firm and implement consistently in order to see the fruit of it. After "nagging", kalau nak peluk-cium, it's ok. Just to make sure that there are consistencies/istiqamah. I understand the love of a FTWM towards her child at the end of the day - precious gitu kan?

Be strong Ummi! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Read about the doa which your hubby whispers in your son's ears. My son is ASD and not very verbal. Will try the doa on him and insyaallah.....one never knows. Thank you very much

Ummi's BLOG said...


congrats to little Nabil as well for his first few words..heee

Thanks Ummu Mukhtaar for the reminder, i know, i guess Im just to soft.. tapi, betul kata u, must be firm and consistant. I'll try again..hee

anonymous, insyallah.. hopefully, with the berkat of doa Nabi Musa a.s, your son will be able to speak fluently one day. Insya'allah. Ya Allah, please help anonymous son. Amin.

Anonymous said...

i was having dinner with my hubby yesterday and I was thinking about you and I know that I have seen you somewhere before the wedding.
Sekali tu, I ingat, last year's jalan raya at firza's house and you told my hubby that you were his classmate and i remember quite distinctly that your baby was a few mths older than Hasan!
Then he said, oh ya her name is S..... and she was my classmate in Sec 1.
THAT WAS U, KAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I suddenly macam teringat lah semalam! He he he, so funny.
small world eh, tengok lah 2 weeks after the wedding baru i perasan!

Ummi's BLOG said...

LOL ! right on Nad ! I knew it all along but I didnt want to expose my "anonymous" identity..... oops, anyway, it was only a matter of time before u'd found out...... kakakakaka....... Salaams to yr Hubster.