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Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Ulama' with great Ilmu from Hadramaut.

Alhamdullilah, another week has passed.

Its a Sunday and soon it will be Monday and I have to be in the office again.
Still feeling the stress of the new job, trying my best to cope.
Seems that the only time I can even blog now is on Sunday mornings , even so, If i can finish the washing and the ironing...

Last weekend, I managed to visit Habib Abbas and his wife Ummi Tum, at their home. We drove our friends, Abu Mukhtaar and Ummu Mukhtaar, who just had their second baby, and since it was the baby's 7th day, we brought the baby to see Habib Abbas for the tahniq.
Alhamdullilah, baby Zainah, may u live a life filled with iman and taqwa.
Since Little Habib had just turned 1, we asked Habib to doa for him too.

We visited Habib Abbas again on Tues night as he had made something for me. And he advised me to zikir "Ya Latiff" to ease my "unease" heart. That night, little Habib played around Habib Abbas and his wife and they entertained him with much smiles.

On Thursday, we took leave from work to bring Little Habib to the DR for his check-ups and also since Habib Salim As-Shatri was at Masjid Maqam Habib Nuh, we took the opportunity to bring out little Habib there too to meet the "real" Habib.. and my wish of getting Habib Salim to hold Little Habib's head and doa for him came true.

At Maqam Habib Nuh, Habib Salim gave a short ceramah. He advised us to visit maqams of para Wali - Wali Allah but we must be free of Maksiat and evil intentions. We must first have strong aqidah, straightened our path and Tauhids before we visit these maqams.
Nowadays he said, many people claim to love the Walis but their actions go against Islam.

He also advised us to take care of Solat Zohor and Asar even when we are working and these 2 solahs are very important.

Later at night, we headed to Masjid Ba'alwie this time without Little Habib. The place was pack but I managed to get a spot in the middle when a lady left after magrib. There, Habib Salim told stories of Israk Mikraj and the importance of Bulan Rajab which im sure many of us know well now. After the ceramah, Habib Hassan Al-Attas read Ratib Al-Attas together with all the jemaah's and the atmosphere was so solemn and peaceful. I would definitely like to go to Ba'alwie again on Thursday nights if given the chance.

Habib Salim giving the ceramah at masjid Salleh ( palmer rd )

Little Habib outside of Maqam Habib Nuh Alhabsyi...

Habib Salim at Maqam Habib Nuh. They read ghasidah and doa over there but only the men were allowed in there when Habib Salim went in there. The ladies waited at the ladies praying area.

The baby hidden in the picture is Little Habib.. hee..
Habib Salim was giving doa to Little Habib. The man holding little Habib was a man from Indonesia name Albanjari. He like little Habib so much that he offered to carry little Habib to see Habib Salim for us.
Hubby managed to record the video for me to see.. It was nice seeing Habib Salim, a man full of Ilmu kissing my little boy and blowing the doa at this heart.
Little Habib was so well behaved in front of Habib Salim as if he knew that this man must be respected. Masya'allah Little Habib, you managed to get 2 great Ulama's to doa for u in a week. May these doa's have great effect on yr life here in this world as a Khalifah.


Ihsan said...

Using Asmaul Husna really works...the other time, there was an engineer who was giving me a hard time - was nasty to me when I asked for a document, and refused to give it to me even when I came to ask him for it. And I keep reading Asmaul Husna - I forgot which one, and strangely, one day, he came over to me and passed me the document I wanted. It was quite surprising, but the idea is Allah has power over all things and all hearts.

I have this particular affection for the name Al-Latif. It is definitely a special Zikr, even in the ratib.

Good for little Habib. He is fortunate indeed.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Yup, me holding on to my faith and sanity with Asma-Ul Husna.

Al Latiff means maha lembut / maha halus / maha memahami right ?
My hubby says there is no 1 word defination for Al Latiff..