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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Habib Salim As-Shatri

** I am Very STRESS... serious. I am Very V V V V V STRESS **

Ive never felt this much stress in my life i guess. Either it makes me stronger, or it will BREAK me.

Anyway, here's smtg to look forward for, next week.

(details taken from Ihsan's Blog )
Habib Salim As-Shatiri, another visitor from Rubat, Yemen.

Habib Salim As-Shatiri will be here insyallah in August.
It's unknown whether there'd be English translation to the talk though.

Details as follows:Date: 2nd Aug 2007
Venue: Maqam Habib Nuh (Palmer Rd)
Time: Zuhr
Topic: Keutamaan Ilmu

Date: 3rd Aug 2007
Venue: Abd Aleem Siddique Mosque
Time: After Maghrib
Topic: Nilai-nilai tradisi Islam dalam kehidupan moden

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