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Monday, July 2, 2007

Tomorrow's a new chapter ...

I'm having the Jitters... and to add on to it, I think I AM really having separation anxiety with my little Habib.

After 3 weeks of much resting, eating myself silly (im fatter now ) , praying for ease on the new job thing, doing literally nothing but spending time with my active 11mths baby and watching his every expression, I will be setting off for my new job, tomorrow morning.

A new life and routine will begin for me , but let that day be tomorrow and now I laze.

Ive discovered that my baby loves having me around cos that means he has an extra play buddy.. babies huh.. what do u expect ? Play, sleep, eat ....

Little Habib is REALLY getting v active. He can walk a step or two. He dosent like to be carried for long cos he will push himself down our body and prefers to be walked instead. So that means, he has to be watched more now.

When Im at a restaurant with hubby, Little Habib just wont seat in his chair, so we end up taking turns to eat and watch over him.. I bet many mums r nodding their heads on this one.

He touches anything and everything in his crawling or walking path, and he has this eerie habit of banging his head and then smiling when he feels the pain, and then trying it again, this time harder. I wonder why he does that.

Ive discovered something sharp at his bottom front gums, and yes, it is a tooth !! wow... new discoveries about him just gets everyone excited around here and then it dies down and it gets to be the norm once again. The sharp tip of the tooth seems to be NOT growing by the way.

About the new job thing, I just pray that I can adapt to the new working culture, and the people around me. The crowd is younger and more vibrant. Truth be told, I am afraid but hopefully, this feeling is just something that I can brush off in the days or months to come.
My direct boss is a cool dude who is very open to opinions more like a BROTHER so it will be something different from my last bosses who were the fatherly/motherly sort.

WE are growing up. The rezeki is growing, bonus is in, GC is in, pay increments in... alhamdullilah.. rezeki anak, orang kata.

Hubby just turn 31, got his promotion and becoming a more hip-per person. Yar, funny how people change. He's into toys now. ''Toys for Little Habib'' he says...a flying UFO and a motorised helicopter ? Hmm...

We were expecting a new member to join our family of 3, last week, but the stork is delayed so we are waiting and expected date of delivery is July 10... gosh.. been waiting like FOREVER to see him.. He's name is Muhammad FIT by the way.. FIT not FITS OKAYYYY ??

Lastly, during my break, I managed to catch 2 movies - Fantastic Four and Transformers. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the 2 movies. I needed to relive my childhood amidst all the maturity in my life right now, and it was refreshing.
Transformers had me crying.. I thought Bumblebee died !

I guess no matter how grown up me and hubby get, at the end of the day, we still do have the little kid in us that pops up once and awhile..

Happy July everyone... The blessed month of Rejab is coming. Habib Salim Al-Shatri from Rubat, Hadramaut is insyallah coming to our soils too.


nor said...

salaam sis,
Alhamdullilah everything is well on yr end.

i cant wait for Rejab to come ;)

Silent Missus said...

hi dear..
salams, may Allah bestow you with more barkah and rezeki as u embark on this new journey. insya allah!!!
still reading yr entries tau.
i moved on to multiply. easier.. but i am still a blogger-ette.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Sista Nor and Silent Missus..
Jazakallah Khair.. May Allah Bless the both of you with many goodness.

Im not so farmiliar with multiply lah sista.. but I'll chk it out. : )

MissyHid said...

Hi Ummi, when I first read this entry, I really thought u re expecting. But, chey! The Muhammad Fit. The son in BLUE rite? :P Hope to see you new son very soon.. Hehe...

Ummi's BLOG said...

hee hee.. vivid blue. sure u'll see it one day. I cant wait to see it too.