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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I love being a housewife even if its only for awhile...

Finally, I found the time to blog...

It seems that these day, there's really very little time for me to blog or to read blogs.

I just spend the last 30mins reading my usual blog list, leaving some comments along the way.

For the past week, my role as a working Ummi took a back seat and I had a taste of being housewife. If only I could be in this role forever, but alas, Im am fully aware that I still have to work to help the family's economy...and gain pahala in the process.

Little Habib have become so close to me..y not right since he sees me more now?
poor baby.. Ummi's got to work again, very soon come July.

Seeing how much closer little Habib got with me, I pleaded to hubby without thinking of course to allow me to be a housewife...''look dear, finally our baby wants ME instead of You....''

but back to reality, Im sure being a FTWM will not stop me and my darling buchuk to be close to each other. There are still SUNDAYS and weekday nights when I tuck him into bed.

I just have to ask from ALLAH (swt) what I hope for and again, the NIAT must be right and when the time comes for me to step out into the workforce again, I pray that I wont have separation anxiety.

'' Ummi Hasan, I nodded in agreement when I read out your post on starting work again and all the separation anxiety that we as working mothers may feel...''

'' Ummu Mukhtaar and Ummu Baby Bulat, you mummies are very lucky in MY eyes..and Im sure both of you count your blessings each day...I envy you both... envy in a good way. : ) ''

Happy 11mths birthday sayang. Ummi and Abah doakan the best for u always.

'' You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey,
You never know dear, how much Ummi loves you..
Please dont take my sunshine away.....''

I love to hug my baby and sing this to him before he drifts off to dreamland.

So for the past 2 days ago, I went to visit my new office to put some stuff. This is how my new desk looks like..smaller than my old one, but at least I now have a view to the outside world..so when it rains, I know.... hee.

my new office desk..(insyallah)

My new office is now in Novena.. Much further but at least Im 3 stops away from Hubby's office so we can still take the train to work together and drop at CityHall to transfer to the same train.
I thank Allah for putting me near a mosque, a very nice and newly renovated one too.

I love working near a mosque.... I can go there when Im stressed or I can go there to nap during Ramadhan or even buka puasa there If i leave the office late.

Hubby and me visited the Masjid yesterday, and I felt blessed just because, Im working near a Mosque.

Masjid Abdul Hamid Kampung Pasiran behind Revenue House.

The ladies praying area on the 2nd floor. The carpets were so fluffy cos its new.

The wudhuk area reminds me of Masjid Aleem Siddique's tap by the exterior fence and it has a spa feeling.


Red Herring said...

Ouh, I lup that mosque; very peaceful. I've only been there once when I temankan my ex-fiance (now my husband) gi solat. Unfortunately, I was handed the Divine M.C that day so takleh solat. I very bingit kena duduk outside with a monyok face sebab tak dapat masuk masjid tu. Hmmph! Takpe, takpe..

Girl, there are ups and downs everywhere, in whatever role we play :) FTWM ke, SAHM ke, there are plus and minuses to these two roles. Ideally, oh so ideally, I'd love to have a job BUT for only 3 days out of the week, no more. That way, I feel I could have the best of both worlds! Mana nak carik kerje camtu? Wherefore I'm hoping and trying to expand my sideline :D Psst.. Anyone you know getting married and needing a henna artist? (tak tahu malu, selitkan self-promotion! Haha..)

Ummi's BLOG said...

i agree.. there are pros and cons to everything so thts y, like it or not, I have to learn and look only at the positive side and move on...

hee .. apa salahnya kan, do some promotion.. so far, most of my pals r married.. but if there are any eg my sista ker, I'll definitely recommend them to u.
I shd have done my wedding henna with u in the first place.Hmmh.. takpe, takpe.... hee.

nor said...

Alhamdullilah sis,...ive not been to the mosque thou, but it looks new indeed.

Ihsan said...

Glad to see you've explored your new kampung...:)

All of us have commitments which seemingly gets in the way of what we think is best...but sometimes, we don't know what's best. (I'm talking about my life here...haha).

Anyways, may everything go smoothly for you in the new office - looks like a pretty good workplace.

Red Herring said...

LOL.. Jazakillah khairan, Ummi, for the thought of helping me 'advertise'!

You have some henna done for this year's anniversary what? Hee..

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks Ihsan for yr Doa...u know my type lah.. abit on the kancheong side, must explore first.

Red Herring - im thinking of getting my hands hanna-ed for this coming Hari Raya.. see lah if i have time, will go and see u again for it.. hee... like the last time yeh.

Anonymous said...

hi darling.. good luck on your new job.. and yes.. i do feel you when you say about separation anxiety.. now that hub is also looking after the kids, they are getting closer to him and i feeell sooo jelous! silly of me right? tapi i miss them so much when i go to work since ive been at home for the past 4 months.. always feel like rushing back when i hear auni say i love you ummi.. anyway as you say, must tell ourselves to be strong as we are doing this for our children's own good too .. you take care dear.. :)


Ummi's BLOG said...

thanks id. yes, i guess we working mummies really have to be strong cos at the end of the day, its for the benefit of our kids.

good luck to u too on whatever yr aiming for. : )