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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Saturday night Haul event.

Thats Little Habib @ Masjid Darul Aman. The boy beside him is 4 yrs old and seems to take a liking to our little tumble tot...someone commented that Little Habib should be dress in a Jubah next time for such events rather than something western..oops...

We were there last Sat night for the haul of Ustaz Abdul Rahman Alkaff. It was a big event.

Ustaz Hasbi, Habib Abbas Alsagoff, Habib Hassan Al-Attas and many other habaibs were there to grace the event.
Ustaz Hasan Saifouridzal was the MC for the event.

Many good advice were given... mostly the Habaibs spoke on the insights of the lives of the wali wali Allah. The epitome of wali-ness , find that stones and diamonds are no different at all.. Masyallah...

Habib Hasan was advising us to treasure the Ahli Bait as long as they were around because they are the descendants of the prophet and if we are close to them, if we visit them or go for the ceramahs, then Rasullah (saw) will be happy with us because we give respect to his family members..

Alhamdullilah, im glad we made it to this event. Little Habib got doa's from Habib Abbas and some other Habaibs from Jeddah. At the end of the day, I pray that these doas will help him with his iman in the future.


Ihsan said...

I wanted to go! But got class...again. Sigh. Could have seen Little Habib. Anyway, I think he's too young for jubah lah...mesti rimas crawling in jubah.

Ummi's BLOG said...

oh dear...u shd have gone..it was really good, may ulama's jeddah and indonesia came...tapi takpelah, they say nexy yr, it will be held at darul aman also.. insyallah.

im starting to be a fan of Habib Hassan of masjid Ba'alwie...

hee...thats what my mum said..''eh nanti cucu aku rimas nak crawl around !''