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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Parenting Advise @ Masjid Alkaff

can u see ? he had a *done at home* haircut gone wrong ..

siiting at the masjid with a ninja turtle toy in his mouth

Little Habib finally went to the mosque with a Jubah.

While he looked cute and many people tried to play with him, I can see that he did have trouble moving around fast enough with the 'jubah' restricting his active movements.... ( or maybe thats a good thing for me ) .. hee..
( Im trying to find a small white Jubah that can fit him, if anyone know where i can buy them, please inform me will ya'.. your help is v much appreciated. )

anyway, the jubah that he was wearing last night was a hand-me-down from Baby Adam from Tampines. Thank you Kak Imah !

I went to the syarahan at Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu yesterday. The penceramah was Ustaz Jalalludin Hasan and Ustazah Sharifah Hayati. The topic was on good parenting.
Alhamdullilah, It gave much awareness to me and hubby that being good guiding parents was really important for the future generation and the future of our child.

Ustazah said that as parents, we have to always have physical touch to our children, like hugging them before we go to work, and after we come back from work, and before they sleep, we should spend time talking to them, run our hands on their heads, hold their hands. Children long for their parents time.
Because if we as parents dont have time for our kids, then our kids will go and find people who have time for them eg boyfriends, girlfriends, budak2 bawah block and if these people happens to be bad influences, that it would bring problems to the family.

Ustaz says that if we can have time for our collegues at work, engaged in small talk with them in the office, then how can we say that we DONT have time to small talk with our children ? We have to make time for our children. Even if Allah s.w.t give us 30 hours in a day, and still we dont make time for our children, then its no use.

Ustazah said that while physical touch is important, we must not forget spiritual touch ( sentuhan Rohani ) .
We have to guide our children from small spritually, eg encourage solat Je'maah in the home, Azan in the home , tadarus Al-quran together, and instead of saying ''Jom Jalan-Jalan cari makan or Jom Jalan-Jalan cari shopping'' ,
we should tell our kids ''Jom Jalan-Jalan cari Berkat or Jom Jalan-Jalan pergi Masjid''.

While having children is a Blessings or a Nikmat, it is also an Amanah from Allah s.w.t.
As parents, we have to take charge of the parenting and not leave it to the Asatizahs, ustazs and ustazahs.
Lukman Nurhakim as written in the quran in surah Lukman on how he advised his son the essentials of Iman, eg not to syirik to Allah s.w.t.
We are the main examples to our children. If we dye our hair blond, go clubbing , or if we smoke in front of our kids, what kind of message are we sending to our kids ? If they grow up to emmulate these traits, do we repremand them ? or blame the other kids out there or do we blame the society and media for influencing our kids ?
Ustazah feel that the finger should be pointing at us parents instead.

Imah Ghazali r.a have said that if we want to see the future of our community, look at our teenagers now.
In order to have good teenagers, the foundations must be build from young.

Lastly, As parents, we must have these implanted in our heart :

My child is my Blessings,
My child is my Amanah,
My child is my Ibadah,
My child is my Jihad,
My child is my sacrifice
and lastly , My child is my test from Allah s.w.t


rheA said...

ooh he looks adorable in a jubah! If the jubah is rather restricting..why not try a punjabi top for him? its usually made of cooling cottton and has slits at the side for easier movement..there'a a variety at Tekka market :)

Ihsan said...

I imagine he would look really cute in jubah when he's two...seen two year olds wearing white jubah these days at masjid.

yeah, a child is one huge amanah. May Little Habib grow up to be a wise person.

Ummi's BLOG said...

hmm.. thanks for the idea ! i shall source out for budak lelaki nya purdah.. i think thats what the punjabi's call it..

shukran jazillan ihsan.. may yr doa be makbul.

mamasweety said...

harlow Ummi.....
U hv a great blog and u write well..
Had a good time readign it.

BTW, nothing much of the lil jubah....
Its nice to see other bb wearign it rather than throwing them, rite...

So Ummi... U enjoy urself okie......

Ummi's BLOG said...

do pass me anymore of them Jubah's if adam cant fit into them yar.. hehe