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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Habib !

Happy 1 year old Darling baby.

Im sure you're not aware at this stage of your live, but just to let you know :

Little Baby of mine, You've brought much joy into all our lives.

Ummi and Abah thank Allah s.w.t for letting us have you,
You are the blessing that Ummi had been praying for.
Our doa for you at 1 year old, is that you grow up healthily,
into a intelligent boy who goes loves seeking good knowledge
duniya wal akhirat... and may you always be thankful for what you have.
May you grow up following the right path, into a solihin and one who have
much love and respect and be humble to all creations of Allah s.w.t

The past 1 year, have passed by very fast,

yet, it went by giving Ummi and Abah much wisdom, courage and maturity.
The hard times when you didnt sleep at night for the first 2 months of you life, made Ummi stronger and wiser, your milk woes made Ummi a better person when Ummi realised that I cannot go against Allah's s.w.t will no matter how hard I tried, and I redha' for the destiny that I cannot change.

and the happy times when you filled the surrounding sounds of your laughter, the funny antics that you do like shaking your head out of the blue, doing push ups , blinking your eyes at us, playing crawling catching with us, those baby talk that u do, made Ummi a much cheerful woman.

You are our light and our faith and Insya'allah, may Ummi and Abah love you to the best of our abilities and guide you with what we have equipped ourselves all these while.

We love you sayang.

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