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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our little Honda...

Alhamdullilah, the arrival of Md Fit has made my life much easier.

No more pushing the pram in the hot sun.
Thank you Allah because this is your gift to us and no matter what, Im am still thankful.

So far, Baby Fit has reached Arab St, Mustaffa Centre and Masjid Mydin. Still very new and nervous on the roads and still with a P-plate.. hee.

I remember a friend once smsed my hubby, and he said, I saw you and your wife running to catch the bus. I pray that Allah will grant you both a vehicle one day. Amin.
Well Suhaidi, mungkin doa awak tu makbul.

Also, everytime, we walked and I huff and puff with the pram and all cos I ni semput, my hubby will always tell me to sabar and he says insyallah one day, we will buy a car. So dengan berkat kesabaran, our little Fit is born.

Fresh from being waxed.


nor said...

sis, u can drive or not..one day we'll meet up somewhere for a cuppa, how abt dat..hehehe

Ummi's BLOG said...

yes i can, but not too confident...oops.
I'll get in touch with u when I am okie.. : )

Red Herring said...

Hehe.. Humour is the suspension mechanism of life (while we're on the topic of cars); it helps absorb the shock of bumps along the journey!

May I suggest calling your other 'son' Baby FITri instead? Hee.. ;)

Ouh, that day bapak Nabil met up with bapak Habib and I made bapak Nabil tow Nabil along! Heh. I so wicked like that. Short drive away only, what? Nasib baik Baby Bulat tu tak melalak... I have to get baby out of the house cos I nak tukar cadar & cuci baju!

Missyhid said...

Are u sure that drivers dont race with blue car?? Hmm...Red, Black, Blue and White cars are the most sporty colours on the road what..haha..
I think it very much depands on the driver.
Ur car auto or manual??

Ihsan said...

yeah...looks sporty enuf for a race to me...this car very popular wif young couples rite? my friend bought this car but red one.

Anonymous said...

congrats sweet!


Anonymous said...

Hi.. I am a fan of your blog. i was wondering, in the older post of yr blog you did mention that you saw a well known ustaz having reflexology. may i know exactly which shop is it? coz my hubby is very much interested. thanks so much..

Ummi's BLOG said...

yes I know... Baby bulat was a gd boy i heard, just sitting in the car and playing his mainan.. dont know if baby Habib wld be that baik or not if ever he was place in a car seat...

Missy, Its an auto lah.. this lady cant drive a manual, or at least have forgotten how too.. haha

Ihsan, yes its a good car. Good engine and fuel consumption is know for being good. Insyallah..

Thanks cuzzie ID.

Ummi's BLOG said...

hi anonymous..
oh yes, i remember that well know uztaz.
The shop is at the 1st floor of Golden Landmark complex nearby Arab st.. its a corner shop i think.. can give it a try lah.. we havent, but weve gone to the ones at KL and Genting.. much cheaper than the reflexologys in spore.

HeroineNo7 said...

Congrats on the new fit! Its looking good! Alhamdullilah finally you've got the car!

Ummi's BLOG said...

thanks my dear FIT owner too.. : )
feels like we're part of the same FIT club.hee

Anonymous said...

Salaam Ummi !

Thats a lovely new 'baby' u got there, alhamdullillah. Be safe and drive with lots of patience :)

love that blue too.


Ummi's BLOG said...

ahhh K Kin.. u finally arrive here... after a long while huh.. dont let that Acer laptop collect dust lah.. kesian kan..

thanks and will take yr adv for sure.. tapi i ni suka horn kat orang where my hub is more patient kind.