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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I miss ....

Im tired. Its nearly 11pm and Im waiting for the washing machine to end.

I started doing the laundry late cos firstly, i finished work late, then I had the audacity to delay washing to watch 'Janji Diana' - The drama that Im hooked on because of ... Aaron Aziz.. haha...I know i know..

I miss little Habib.. He's in Genting Highlands with the rest of them... Gosh I miss him, but he's in good hands insyallah.

I miss my friends.. I miss u mummy Fuzzywuzzy. I miss u Sis Inah... I miss Couzin Rei and Couzin Adam and I miss my other couzins / kakak sedaras who are nice to me and I miss u bloggy.... Hmm Y eh I always miss people.. Do they miss me back ?
heee....*smile* Im nice like that.

Its bulan Rejab.. time to do more good. I bought a book for a friend. Now I just need time to post it to her. Just a small book. But nice quotes. Bought it from Sista Nor.

Masjid Abdul Razak @ Jalan Ismail still collecting funds for its renovation. If anyone wants to donate that is.


Ihsan said...

Aaron aziz eh...star-star ni semua says I'm sombong...hahaha...so ironic.

Thanks for the book in advance.

Hope things get better for you. Ramadhan is coming again! So fast!

Ummi's BLOG said...

yupz.. need to pay off my qadhak fast, geez i always wait for the last min..

sure no probs, let me find a suitable envelope to put it in.