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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sleepless nights isnt a good sign

I havent had the mood to blog for a few days..

big decision to make and somehow i know im going to dissappoint hubby..

can u imagine waking up a 3am in cold sweat for 4 days straight ? I made my mind up and changed it and made it up and changed it again...

if this job is meant for me, y am I not feeling calm about it..... i dont feel good to leave my current job for another competitor. If it was a different company, there would be less doubt.

The pay is great ! and can wear tudung yet the drawback is with bigger pay means greater job commitments, work stress , less time with Little Habib and the home ...more hours at work. Im not fine with that.

Ive istighara, Ive read Ratib and asma-ulHusnah, ive spend my last third of the night telling Allah I need his guidance yet only Hubby feels good but Im not prepare to move to a much better paying job but lesser time with my baby.

I must make my decision tomorrow... and maybe it will be another cold sweat night for me...

sorry hubby...im just not career minded as how you want me to be.. *sobz*

Good night bloggy...


Ummu Mukhtaar said...


Do continue your intikharah, it requires patience, perseverence and consistency. From what I've read, the signs are not clear yet. What I am always reminded of is always ensuring that the niat MUST be right.

Insya Allah, one day Allah will answer your prayer. I ever heard of a friend who did istikharah for about 2-3 weeks before getting the answer. Btw, what I know of there is another timing that istikharah can be carried out i.e. between maghrib and 'isya.

With regards to greater or lesser pay, there are many I heard of have lesser pay but they feel the berkah of it - able to do what they want to do.

I hope things will come good for you, family and work duniawi and ukhrawi. Ameen.

Ummi's BLOG said...

thanks for that info and the doa...

pay is really impt, but family time is also impt.. then again there is the ibadah aspects as in can use tudung? can solat ?

wish i was in Tareem where im free to practise Islam and everyone is practising...and every muslim covers up and there is no issue with that in the work place.