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Friday, May 25, 2007

Say La Illaha ill'Allah....

I was reading my favorite book again.

Have just finish reading the chapter about Hell. Its very scary. One day, I will share it on my blog.

As for now, I would like to write something for the chapter on Paradise.


Muhammad (saw) narrating his trip during Mikraj.

Then Jibrail knocked on the gates of paradise.
The guardian Angel of the garden, 'Ridwan called out asking, ''Who is it ?''

Jibrail answered, ''Its is I, Jibrail''.

''And who is with you?'' asked the keeper.

''He is Muhammad'' answered Jibrail.

''Has the time for prophood arrived then ? '' the angel from within.

''Yes, it has come'' replied Jibrail.

''Alhamdullilah'' said Ridwan and opened the gates.

I then saw that the hinges of the door were of silver, its treshold was of pearl and its casings of precious Jewels.

We stepped inside and I beheld Ridwan, seated upon a carved throne, surrounded by a host of angels who stood in attendance. They gave me honour and soluted me with respect.
I greeted them and gave Salams.

Ridwan welcomed me with joy, giving good tidings. ''Most of people of Paradise are from your nation.'' He said.
''The all Mighty have divided the Jannah in 3 parts. 2 of whom are appointed from your nation, while the other from other nation.''

In front of Ridwan, there was a great number of keys, and I asked him, ''What are these keys ?''

He told me ''When a person of your nation pronounces the words, LA ILLAHA ILL'ALLAH, the lord AlMighty creates for him a mansion in Paradise, and HE gives the keys to this mansion into my safekeeping. On the day of Ressurection, when the person rises from his tomb, I give him the keys to his mansion and he takes residence therein.''

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