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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Little Habib the crawler.

All Praise to Allah. I am well.

I have been reading alot of parenting blogs nowadays. And I subtlely talk to my friends who are 'mummys' nowadays on how they discipline their tods. Its never to early to learn right.

Little Habib have become active nowadays. He no longer sits quietly in the mosque.

There he is most nights for Isyak prayers where his crawling skills are largely motorised with a powerful engine making me crawl too to go after him hoping not to disturb the other jemaahs.

and he does not hesitate to crawl from one end to the other just to explore the little white 'used' tissue across the hallway. Eeeuuu.. whats with babies and tissues ?
Little Habib seems so intrigue by a piece of tissue, used or clean ones...

Hubby and me always share our thoughts on Little Habib and what kind of person we hope he would be when he grows up.

We talk about it all the time.

Hopefully by bringing Little Habib to Allah's house frequently, he will grow to be one who loves being close to the Al-Mighty. Thats our main aim really.

While we all want our children to succeed in the worldly matters, we should also want our children to be successful human beings who are thankful to Allah's blessings. I want to be the kind of parents like my arwah Grand Uncle . He left many good advises to his children that when he passed away, his children remembers his wise advises to them and alhamdullilah, they are all good people.

As parents, we are his main role models. I feel our past does not matter.

What matters is when our child is with us, we have to provide him good morals based on Islamic teachings. Islam is so wonderful. It has guidance for everything. Its is UNIVERSAL.

Islam is NOT Difficult and Islam is humble and kind. Follow the teachings of Rasullullah s.a.w and one will not go astray.

One other way that hubby and me bring our boy close to Allah is that we remind him of Allah many times in a day. We bring Islam in our way of life.

Eg, ''sayang, drink yr milk. Allah says milk will make you strong''

OR '' Buchuk ummi, its late, say your prayers to Allah and go to sleep''

OR '' its time to cut your nails, Allah love people who are clean''

It does not matter that he dont understand it now . But one day, he will ask us who is Allah ? and we will explain to him who is Allah.

and he will remember his parents words.....

and he will choose the right path, he will choose the right friends and he will be a good example to his own kids...


Ihsan said...

You are a very lucky person.

I hope Little Habib will turn out to be a wonderful person.

Ummi's BLOG said...

lucky ? insyallah....

i hope so too.. for him to be a solehin whose successful duniya akhirat would be a dream come true !