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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Its Mid week...

Alhamdullilah, I have recovered from the grip of the flu bug.
Little Habib is also much better now. He's phelgm seems to be better and no more fever.

Our Little tyke has reached 10mths of age.

His activeness is like an energizer battery, but he does slow down when its sleep time. He seems to be curious over everything and he must explore everything in his path.. i worry that someday, he might pick up something dangerous and put it in his mouth...

its seems that he falls sick each time he turns a month older...is that common amongs babies below the age of 2 ? The old wives tale abt 'tukar bulan' must be true...

Its also easier to feed him these days. I wonder if i can start feeding him normal food instead of just cereals.. The Pead advise to wait till his 1 yr old.. Still no teeth yet but it seems that he knows how to chew already..


The Habaibs have left Singapore and headed to batu Pahat to visit Habib Ali.

When we get our own transport, Insyallah hubby promised to try driving up to visit Habib Ali. He really wants to drive up there.. Only with an experience guide I say.. Dont ask me to look at the map huh... I remember roads through my memory only.

But I dont know if I should tag along and go to Batu Pahat. Does Habib Ali accepts female visitors ? They say there is a shopping mall newly built behind Habib Ali's house.


While i was sick, i missed 2 maulid, and 2 ceramahs. : <
1 by Shaiyh Riduan Jumaat from Egypt @ Masjid Ansar and 1 by Sheykh Afif and Ustaz TM Fauzi @ Bedok Staudium. Luckily my friend went and told me abit about it. Its good to have friends who share ilmu.

I happened to read some hadith Sahir Bukhari and read up on sickness.

Narrated 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud:
I visited Allah's Apostle while he was suffering from a high fever.
I touched him with my hand and said, "O Allah's Apostle! You have a high fever."
Allah's Apostle said, "Yes, I have as much fever as two men of you have."
I said, "Is it because you will get a double reward?"
Allah's Apostle said, "Yes, no Muslim is afflicted with harm because of sickness or some other inconvenience, but that Allah will remove his sins for him as a tree sheds its leaves."


nor said...

salaam Ummi,

alhamdullilah, u are alrite now. :)

rheA said...

ummi..yes the old wives' tale about baby beralih bulan seems to be true...both my sons pun sakit everytime the grow a month older..pelik kan?

Ummi's BLOG said...

salaam... : )

yupz..so when with this 'beralih bulan' stops eh ? hee....

Red Herring said...

Hmm.. I used to be sickly, but less so now. Should I be worried, in the context of the hadith? ;p